Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simple Counter Measures against Crack Downs

In support of our Burmese friends, I am publishing some helpful information here that will become helpful to the peaceful protesters and marchers in Burma. Please help to relay these info into Burma now. Brutal atrocities had been committed on peaceful harmless marching monks, and they deserve protections:

Make shift Tear Gas Masks:

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Bring along rolls of food wrappers known as Clink Wraps or Glad Wraps to your civil actions. When tear gas are fired, tear out 2-feet sections of wrap immediately and distribute to everyone as makeshift tear gas mask, very effective and very cheap. Disposable. Learn how to use mouth to breath and hold breath when passing thick smoke. Tie wrap behind of your head, and MUST COVER EYES & NOSE.

The same wrap is a very effective counter measure also against pepper spray used by riot police. Cover sensitive parts of skin including neck & upper body, to protect against pepper sprays.

Use only as need and remove when not needed, caution against heatstroke.

Body Paddings Against Rubber Bullets:

No, I am not promoting Phua Chu Kang's PCK boots nor sport gears. But these things works perfectly against rubber bullets. But no, there are much simpler provisionals, that you can pocket inside extra layer of clothes or monks robes to protect your body effectively against rubber bullets. Such as a stack of news paper as thick as 154th ShitTimes; A writing pad or letter pad; Cut pieces used tires etc.

For very effective and full protection, the soles of Japanese slippers are very perfect. Pieces of them to be staffed inside pockets of a fishing-vest, as well as pockets of apron belt, will work very well that rubber bullets will be bounced off unhurt.

Make-Shift Protections Against Electric Stun Gun:

Inside an inner vest you wear, laminate linings made of alternate layers of insulations and conductor. To make these protective linings, just stack up several layers of plastic sheets with aluminum foils between plastic sheets. Wear this lining inside a vest. High voltage electric will be both insulated from your body as well as short-circuiting the electric stun guns frequently used by police.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

Sustain Burmese! Your Persistence will Prevail

To my brave patriotic Burmese friends:

Your courage inspired my fellow Singaporeans and we are proud of you.

You have paid prices for your freedom and justice in blood, but this will be so worthwhile.

I support your cause and ask you to sustain on further, right now only your resolve and persistence will lead you to prevail. March on my Burmese friends, our hearts and spirits are with you!

Cease this opportunity and don’t let the prices paid be in vain. Only your persistence will ensure that your patriotic sacrifices will return in desired results. Don’t give up and fail your motherland my friends.

Salute from Singapore

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I call my fellow Singaporeans to lend support and sympathy to our Burmese friend, and more importantly, to learn from them. Like I called you to stay watchful and learn during the Thai Alliance's civil campaign against Thug-Sin, all the rather you should be watchful and learning this time from Burmese people fighting for their freedom. Lend our support and intensify our friendship at their time of needs, do anything within your own reach to help our Asean friends. Their fight is righteous and respectable and they are performing patriotically and courageously they are excellent examples for Singaporeans to learn. The pressure and price they are paying is definitely higher than the Thais against Thug-Sin, so they deserve more of our supports.

The sacrificed should be honored. Regardless weather they are student or peasant or monk or even soldiers, they died and suffered for the progress and improvement of their country they paid out for their motherland, future Burmese should be thankful and remember them.

The Primary objective now isn't peace nor law and order, but is the CHANGE THAT MUST TAKE PLACE. It will certainly not come for free, it will certainly cost, and price is due to be paid. Singaporean should try to consider by putting ourselves in the shoes of our Burmese friends.

The lost of lives and damages is Secondary, it have to be considered and weighted, but must not be wrongly misplaced or switch to the place of Primary. Don't pay the high price in vain without getting the result that had been paid for. Don't quit the objective for the avoidance of price. It is an extra bonus & success if you can lower or minimize the price, but the Primary objective must come first. Thais' bloodless coup to overthrow Thug-Sin is one best example.

Comparing Thai soldiers vs the Burmese soldiers, I trust fellow Singaporeans will cheer and respect the formal. This is the example our SAF should take after.

Singaporeans can help the Burmese get re-connected to Internet which junta had cut-off, via long distance dial up and relays; via VSAT; Inmarsat; Teledesic; Iridium; others global systems. The experience of helping others will be useful to ourselves in the future. :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SAF & mata crackdown won't work for famiLEE LEEgime


Burma junta began violent crack down

  • Under the presently on going anit-junta campaign in Burma, I think it is the best time for me to write something for Singaporeans to compare possible similar scenario in our own anti-LEEgime reform movement.

  • SAF & SPF mata crackdown against a foreign workers riot is possible / workable for famiLEE LEEgime, however, not against a Singaporean campaign comparable to those in the past 8 days of peaceful marching by Burmese monks and nuns.

  • Because SAF & SPF are integral part of our small Singaporean population, living on this tiny red dot together with the people who the famiLEE LEEgime might have to order crack down against.

  • That would be asking soldiers & matas to fire at their own family members and friends, as well as fellow Singaporeans when all our civilians and SAF & matas are closely related as well as living in the same tiny red dot for long term.

  • There is no provincial divide or isolation between the troops and people in Singapore. In Malaysia it might still work if government ordered troops from East Malaysia to crack down on West Malaysian or troops from south to crack down on north. Note that Malaysian police station are mostly built with huge security compounds that have living quarters within for the families of troops to live permanently, this is an isolation security measure in related considerations.

  • DengXiaoPing during Tian An Men 1989 took months to deploy PLA divisions from far outside of BeiJing to carry out crackdown. The structure of PLA also does not use personnel to service in own home town, such that 38th Army of BeiJing deployment district for example are made up by soldiers from elsewhere.

  • Burmese Army & security forces ordered to carry out crackdown are transported by trucks from areas outside where they carry out crackdown. It is similarly unlikely that they are applying forces onto civilians consisting of their own families and friends, for Burma is a country larger then West Malaysia.

  • Uniquely Singapore, we are such a tiny red dot with population all living in the only single city of high density. It is impossible that SAF soldiers and matas won't have to face the same people in future, to consider carrying out brutal crackdown when ordered by famiLEE LEEgime, unless the SAF & matas all migrate after their crackdown. :-)

  • For SAF soldiers who fired upon our own civilians, famiLEE LEEgime would need to allow them to carry firearm for 24 hours their entire life, not just like CPL Dave Teo Ming to just bring rifle to Orchard for just few days. Otherwise these soldiers won't feel safe to face our civilians after conducting bloody brutalities on them.

  • Commanders and soldiers of PLA's 39th & 27th armies were reluctant to carry out orders of crackdown at Tian An Men. Some senior commanders were removed after the incident.

  • Soldiers of SAF often doubt themselves besides being doubted by others to be able to carry out bloody brutal combat duties against invading enemies, considering they are just Singaporeans being brought up in overly peaceful and civilized environment. All the more they would be unfit to carry out brutal crackdown on Singaporean civilians consisting of their own friends and family members.

  • Political inclination are rather even in Singapore, that we are aware that average one third of matas & SAF soldiers are not pro famiLEE LEEgime. As an activist myself I have encountered friendly and helpful matas even in the most hostile scenarios even encountered.

  • The famiLEE LEEgime is in very difficult position to have to depend on SAF soldiers & SPF matas to crackdown on Singaporeans when the current Burma scenario arise in Singapore.

  • The only foreign non-Singaporean troops they have and could count on would be the Gurkha police force, which is tiny force in comparison against regular police and SAF. These Gurkha are not Singaporean citizens, and are least likely to have friends & family members among potential protesters that they had to apply force upon.

  • The only true advantage Gurkha really have is better physical fitness over average male Singaporeans trained by NS in SAF. They are employed and paid with Singaporean tax payers funds. If they ever fired upon our civilians that would literally be dogs bitten their masters, which would provoke uncontrollable rage wide across entire Singapore.

  • In the scenario when SAF soldiers and SPF police won't carry out crackdown orders from familLEE LEEgime on Singaporean civilians, and that Gurkha opened fire. Soldiers and matas will be equally raged as our civilians.

  • My proposal for Singaporean is to use absolute force to crush down Gurkha without mercy if our own dogs bit us up. This tiny foreign force is out numbered by Singaporeans, if they persisted in combating us being foreigners alien on our soil I think it would justify genocide against them. When bloodbath is over there would be no Gurkha in Singapore but there will still be Singaporeans.

  • My proposal in such a scenario is to produce; export as well as consume locally cans of dog food branded UncleYap which material is Gurkha, it does not make any difference weather I am still alive or not. :-)

  • Written here are my strategic concepts, and analysis. Though I do not wish at all to see things happen in this way, I ask Singaporeans to consider and get psychologically prepared. We must be strategically prepared for the worst, and not be silly to always assume the best. We may hope for the best but must be ready for the worst. We will be steadily pulled through when we are prepared for the worst of the worst, otherwise we would be shocked by harsh reality, painful losses, feeling lost in despair and ended failed.

  • The lame bastards' famiLEE LEEgime isn't a significant enemy, our very own Kiasu & Kiasi mentalities are our worst enemies. :-)

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Monday, September 24, 2007

PAp LEEgime is Fundamentally DISHONEST

From a very plain simple angle of Reliance and Trust, the PAp is fundamentally dishonest with the Singaporean people. I refer to their persistent repudiations and betrayals trickeries. The most prominent one at the moment is the commitment to return CPF savings to their members when they reach age of 55. The most notoriously know ones being their rosy promises just before elections that followed by most unacceptable policies quickly after the elections.

The dishonesty of PAp LEEgime is in their deliberate misleading of voters, by not revealing their unacceptable policies in crucial matters for the voters to decide, and then self-claim to be mandated to carry out these unacceptable policies imposing on the seriously betrayed people. This is a persistent double-crossing stunt pulled elections after elections.

The shameless LEEgime planned and prepared their trickeries in every election. Policies such as these are not disclosed before polling for people to decide their votes and instead they engineer a load of rosy propaganda to mislead Singaporeans:

  • GST hike
  • Ministerial Salary hike
  • CPF reform
  • Fee & Utility hikes

These are deep affecting crucial policies that voters have every rights to be informed before their decisions. The dishonest famiLEE LEEgime tricked voters to sign them blank cheques to exploit at their free will after the election.

In the part of Singaporean people, it is shameful to be tricked by the same crooks using the same trick over and over and then still fall for it without learning. :-)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Appropriate Reform Action According To Phase

Copied from my own forum postings:

153425.42 in reply to 153425.36


I learn that with correct modifications things will work even better in Singapore than else where in terms of revolution. You got to know your own country and people well. You got to also find out what button to push at what time.

There is some how a ZERO SUM nature within human overall, that different people; different culture; different era; different individual etc, are just differently balanced versions of our complex human nature, but there is ZERO SUM system some how, that the weak is weaker in this area but is however stronger otherwise, such that there isn't absolute weakness nor absolute strength. There isn't absolute advantage nor absolute disadvantage.

Some times the very strength of your enemy is it's very most weak point that you should attack right upon. My 2 favorite examples are the Crocodile's mouth and LKy.

Buyaks are deem to strongest at their mouths, but that is also their wide opened weakness via which you and pierce right into their weakest and most lethally vulnerable guts. It is the same mouth of buyak. But it is up to you to visualize and act accordingly weather that is the beasts' strongest advantage against you, or your best opportunity to kill and destroy it.

LKy is widely deemed by APs as the strongest of PAp LEEgime, but in my view LKy is the weakest and most vulnerable of all, and via LKy you have the best handle to take out LEEgime, which is why it is the MUST-attack-1st point. LKy is the most valuable asset to AP as well as the worst liability to entire PAp LEEgime. After LKy mati, you will only all realize how much more different and more difficult to go about.

If you make that major major mistake to play within the system, then even LKy's grandson Li Hong Yi will rule & bully and exploit your grandson. Be only destructive at this phase, and change to be constructive after the famiLEE LEEgime is over. Take the right action at the appropriate timing, be flexible and dynamic.

A flexible spear is more suitable than the rigid one to pierce the crocodile's guts via it's mouth, because the flexibility is necessary to conform and slip down it throat. Attack the right spot at the right timing. If your spear head hit the skull or thick skin there is no significant damage. You must draw your spear backwards and aim with accurate anticipation again, learn from experience. Use your predator instinct well, crocodile is your dinner otherwise you will be it's lunch.


Let famiLEE LEEgime learn how to play within our system - a system to punish and perish them!

153425.48 in reply to 153425.42

I would like to tell the forum that I strongly insist to have appropriative actions carried out in accordance to the phase of reform.

NOT, I repeat NOT to be constructive at all time. That is blindness and naive driven by some sort of greed and cowardice. It IMPOSSIBLE to be simply and always in constructive mode for fruitful national reform and building.

As simple as planting paddy in a field, a farmer got to know when is the phase and time for which appropriate action in accordance with the climate seasons. You have to know when to slash, when to burn, when to water, when to dig soil and when to fertilize, when to harvest and when to enjoy your food. How can you reverse or switch around? How can you blindly just want to do e.g. watering of field? You will be just unfruitful!

Not all these actions are constructive, but the necessary destructive action at the appropriate time is just a phase of the desire production cycle, e.g. slash & burn. There is no way to have non-stop watering and fertilization or nurturing, in a blinded greedy and naive mode hoping to get more paddy at the end by avoiding to slash dig and burn.

PAp is a misled lot and they are in turns trying to mislead some APs, pse don't be confused and misled by them!


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Frightened LEEgime made laws they CAN NOT ENFORCE

The frightened famiLEE LEEgime is still making more so called laws hoping to protect themselves from dissatisfied and angry peasants, but they are unable to use these so called laws to protect themselves. Unjust laws are not able to keep the famiLEE LEEgime safe, and are not respected by peasants. I really pity the civil servants such as LEEgime matas whose duty are to enforce unjust laws and are caught in between reality and their LEEgime masters.

Currently, they have so called laws to protect Members of Parliament from being assaulted, the famiLEE LEEgime made this so called law after angry old taxi driver bashed LEEgime MP Seng Han Tong. The famiLEE LEEgime also made so called laws to protect their minister from investigations.

Matas are so obviously unable to even properly enforce vice license, that large number of prostitutes from all sorts of nationalities conquered Geylang. The famiLEE LEEgime isn't able to charge activist Mr. Martyn See for his videos under Political Film Act.

DSP Deep Singh (now we know who is DEEPER) is not able to charge me & others for last years Freedom Walk.

Don't be afraid please famiLEE LEEgime! You have to face reality and face Singaporean peasants, unjust laws are unable to shield you from the reality.

As discussed on forum, and blog, I proposed to organize mocked funeral for our CPF.

Zao Bao this week printed the following story of Korean farmers holding a mocked funeral for Korean produced meat products, to protest Korean Governments approval for re-importing US beef and pork.

I wish to highlight to Singaporean (& EP WP foreigners) that we have the rights to hold a similar protest in Singapore, and it would be LEEgal since the law had exempted funeral and wedding processions from police permit.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


CPF changes will not draw on past reserves: Tharman

SINGAPORE: The proposed changes to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) to help Singaporeans meet their retirement needs are sustainable and will not draw on past reserves, said Second Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Mr Tharman also explained the rationale of pegging the interest rate for the Special, Medisave and Retirement Accounts (SMRA) to long-term bond rates.

Tweaking the CPF scheme is aimed at helping Singaporeans save for old age.

One way is to pay 1 percentage point more in interest on the first S$60,000 of their CPF balances – a move that will cost the government S$700 million a year.

This has prompted many Members of Parliament to ask how this scheme would be funded and whether the government could give more or even co-share the cost of providing for retirement and old age.

Josephine Teo, MP of Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, said: "With this generous interest rate hike, and considering all the other major investments in education and medical infrastructure, are we possibly setting ourselves up for higher GST or other taxes in the future?

"I would like the minister to please give the assurance that we have done the sums and are confident that the new interests in its current proposal are affordable before we consider the suggestions to do even more."

Replying, Mr Tharman said the CPF board would pay for this through the interest it receives on government bonds.

This will raise the government's debt-servicing cost, which will be financed by returns on investing CPF monies.

He said: "This is why we must avoid paying above market rates for CPF interest. Paying market rates will be the only way in which we ensure that the CPF is sustainable, not just for the next few years but for the very long term. It should never become a draw on past reserves."

Mr Tharman also noted MP Heng Chee How's suggestion to credit the earnings from the increase in the interest rate into a separate CPF account.

Mr Heng said the government could create a separate sub-account in the CPF and put this additional interest earning into that account.

The CPF member can use that money at age 55 to help pay the premium for his Long Life Annuity, fully or partially, and excess amounts can flow back into the Ordinary Account.

Mr Tharman said the CPF reform is reasonable and justified, including the pegging of the SMRA to the yield of 10-year Singapore Government Securities, plus one percentage point.

This, he said, should offer better returns, taking into account future market uncertainties.

The SMRA rate will be kept at 4 percent for the first two years when it is implemented next January.

Some MPs have asked for this to be extended, but Mr Tharman said this may be unsustainable in the long run and that the CPF should not be an interest rate subsidy scheme.

Mr Tharman said: "What is absolutely critical in all of this is the culture that underpins this economic strategy. A culture that comprises an ethic of self-reliance, where every Singaporean knows and understands that he has to save for his future needs. This is why the approach that we have taken through all our subsidies, is to use subsidies to give Singaporeans the incentive to work and save on their own. If you work and save, we will help you by topping up your savings."

Other measures to help Singaporeans include HDB housing grants and Workfare Income Supplements.

Day Two of the debate saw many MPs raising concerns about the CPF changes.

Michael Palmer, MP of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, said: "I would be interested to know what measures the minister has in mind which would educate and hopefully convince all Singaporeans that the changes to the CPF scheme and other changes to legislation are indeed necessary to provide for our fast ageing population."

Lily Neo, MP of Jalan Besar GRC, said: "How viable is it for CPF investments to be hedged with other vehicles which yield higher returns, and 100 percent capital preservation? Could the CPF board consider working with GIC and perhaps peg the interest rates at 2 percentage points below GIC's returns?"

Apart from CPF reforms, MPs also debated on issues such as helping Singaporeans work longer.

I would like to lead this to my simplest doubt - Is there still really any reserve left to be used for rescuing the CPF?

The reserve itself is Singapore's most opaque BLACKHOLE, which is most easily a complete falsehood or covered up fraud, the transparency regarding reserve is even worst than CPF fund which is another opaque BLACKHOLE.

After the NKF scandal people had only began to visualize what can be hidden behind the famiLEE LEEgime's non-Transparency. The naive assumptions of the past had been proven to be wrong by TT Durai. The fact that Durai can still travel and Richard Yong can move his wealth abroad show how ineffective is Accountability even when famiLEE LEEgime is putting maximum effort to bleach and launder their very own NKF scandal.

I hereby point out that the CPF rescue efforts via Annuity by famiLEE LEEgime currently underway, is obviously a lame attempt to rescue the CPF board itself at the expense & suffering of Singaporean (& Foreign Talent's) CPF members. In simpler words: famiLEE LEEgime is only doubling the suffering of CPF account members to rescue the hole they made in the CPF fund. They are not using the fund to rescue the members in plight, but rather they are further exploiting the member to rescue the plight of the fund!

If the famiLEE LEEgime still had their made-believe ultra huge reserve at this desperate juncture, and they won't utilize that to rescue CPF fund members' plight, and instead they went to rescue the fund's plight at the expense of it's members, then homelessness; divorce; suicide (400 over cases per year) and mental illness for Singaporeans must be part of their vision of NEW SINGAPORE.

Are Singaporeans not learning from their findings from NKF to apply further naive assumptions on true status of our highly opaque CPF & Reserve? Are we such slow learners?

Finally, I would like to point out clearly that Tharman definitely have no idea weather the reserve is still there or not and he is just talking about it blindly. Tharman is not the ELECTED PRESIDENT, but Ong Teng Cheong was. With Constitutional Duty and Power to stand guard for the reserve, Ong tried in vain to find out about the true status of Reserve. Tharman is not even a DPM, Ong had been DPM before his presidency. So Singaporeans please not be misled by Tharman!

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There are several types of holes not entirely the same but closely related.

#1 there is an income gap which is enlarging. Therefore there is almost no way to fix any CPF / annuity system that will fit all. The rich gets richer and they don't actually need any CPF nor annuity. The poor find CPF & annuity way out of reach. When the those poor have no job that pay enough to get ends met where do they even get CPF? How can a tissue paper seller top up CPF A/C as a self-employed person? And again how would someone like Lee Hsien Yang need CPF for retirement?

#2 there is a household income / expense gap among increasingly more low and medium level working family. This is related to the drop of birth rate. Instead of being able to cover this hole to solve the birth rate issue, the PAp threw some baby bonus to claim that they solved birth rate issue. They had obviously failed to see these as one single problem.

#3 there is a retiree financial security issue big time, this problem existed for almost 10 years and had been discovered by non-PAP, which the PAp initially avoided to admit. But the PAp had only started now to do some bad and lame attempts to fix it.

#4 there is a tearing hole which is being stretched larger and larger by the PAp, which admittedly found found themselves helpless. Which is the retirement age at which a citizen can afford to retire after working for entire life. This is currently torn after being stretched beyond the average life expectancy of Singaporeans to 85 already. More Singaporeans are actually not only dying younger but also falling ill critically or becoming dependent on costly medicals at very young age. Such as becoming NKF patients or the NKF's rejected patients.

#5 there is an invisible hole caused by incompetence and reckless greedy (if not corrupted) investments which is being made in terms of losses of CPF funds. The invisibility is due to the severe lack of transparency, however exposed scandals leaks out glimpses of the ugly reality behind the opaque governance. Scandals such as Termasek Shin Corp and the NKF.

#6 there are lots of big holes in the First World Brains of million dollar ministers. There are millions of tiny holes also in the brains of peasants who still are so naive and ignorant about Singapore's full picture. :-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Loyalty 2 Royalty - SAF charged famiLEE's Grandson

The SAF have charged NSF 2LT Li HongYi the grandson of LKy and Son of Ho Jinx & Ass Loong for offenses against SAF regulations over his emails. This is a hidden message from SAF to Singaporeans and that is the way I read it:

SAF's loyalty isn't with the famiLEE Royals. At least, a blind faithed enthusiasm from the SAF to the Royal famiLEE DOES NOT EXIST.

I am quite sure BG Ass Loong & BG Ah Yang both had made minor mistakes in their own days in the SAF, but we are not aware that they had been put on charge - at least not in the news.

It is a mile stone marker here that famiLEE's military Junta will not reach their 3rd generation and it will end in the hands of LKy's Ass Loong Son.


I call that SAF to stand up for Singaporeans instead of famiLEE LEEgime, SAF belongs to the people just like the Rep of Singapore. SAF isn't owned by PAp nor famiLEE. The Royal famiLEE have no future, Singaporean people will however continue to exist. Be thinking soldiers and decide how do you want to contribute to Rep of Singapore. Thai military help the Thais to remove Thaksin, SAF is in the best position to help Singaporean peasants!


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Monday, September 17, 2007

2LT Li HongYi vs UK's Prince Harry

Both the Royal Grandsons of UK & famiLEE LEEgime are in National Services.

Prince Harry & 2LT Li Hong Yi - grandson of Harry Lee :-) Old Dog Thief.

Prince Harry is British Army's Tank Commander, and had originally been placed to be deployed in Iraq War. Which his girlfriend was so proud about.

Ass Loong Son & Ho Jinx's photos were proudly placed on 154th media when their Son was commission by SAF to 2nd Lieutenant. The famiLEE LEEgime had clearly used that as their National Service propaganda as well as royal famiLEE's publicity material.

British enemy the Iraqi militants come up with a plan to have Prince Harry targeted dead or alive once he gets to Iraq, then the British Royal war hero chickened out.

Singapore's famiLEE LEEgime royal grandson 2LT Li HongYi however, does not get any front line assignment at all, that is even after his granddad and papa had both strongly stated their political stands to support Bush's Iraq Wars and repeatedly urged USA to persist that bloody war. Instead of even trying to serve the nation like British Prince Harry, Old Dog Thief Harry's grandson produced a MINDEF email complain White Horse Scandal and got charged in the SAF for that.

British Prince Harry is 3rd to the throne. Is Li HongYi the famiLEE LEEgime's desired future PM? :-)

Old Dog Thief Harry & Ass Loong Son had both repeatedly stated their desire to see persistent US war efforts in Iraq, however their famiLEE LEEgime is among the first nations to withdraw troops from Iraq. Not only that, the famiLEE LEEgime is about the very last nation in entire world which still wholeheartedly supports Bush's Iraq Wars. That is the most ironical part.

I am reasserting here again, that to walk their own big talks, the famiLEE LEEgime should send their own Royal Brigadier Generals and their 2LT Rambo to the front lines of Iraq. Don't waste the tax payers' funds to let your Royal Grandson play war game and teach him military disciplines, send him to Iraq to see the real world.

China's Chairman Mao sent his own newly wedded son Mao An Ying to Korean War's front line and died there. Saddam Hussien's 2 sons died on the Iraqi soil fighting against their American enemy, during the invasion. Mao's son & Saddam's sons were not drawing million dollar salaries nor holding high military ranks.

Singapore's famiLEE LEEgime is an international joke regardless which world you compared against: Britain; PRC; Iraq etc.

Chinese version blog post
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Democracy - my SBF forum post

msg 151822.25 in reply to 151822.17


Democracy is a good thing but democrats admit that it is full of weakening flaws and problems. We have to see to a suitable balance. If you compare democracies in the west and Asia (e.g. Taiwan & India) there are different flavors. We must not not blindly implement the wrong version.

To make clear for myself democracy is not my top guiding principle for this fight. I am fighting against evil greedy selfish cowards known as famiLEE LEEgime, my higher guidance principle (than democracy) are Truth; Justice & Anti-Corrupt in particular the LEEgalized Corruption. I see democracy only as a good aspect of measurement not the ultimate sacred ideology.

Bottom line is weather with democracy or not, there must not be evil greedy selfish cowards such as this hereditary famiLEE LEEgime exploiting us like this. Removing the famiLEE LEEgime is a natural 1st step to a more democratic Singapore, but that democratization isn't the most primary objective. The higher objective is to get an eradication to this corrupted and incompetent LEEgime under famiLEE.

Give me a more competent and less corrupted choice than famiLEE LEEgime, even in which level of democracy is identical to the famiLEE I will still take it.

Singaporeans will suffer less if govt was more competent and less corrupt (LEEgally) at this moment. Peasants are now suffering from corrupt and incompetent leadership, that we have to pay too much, and gets too little, work till very old and got no retirement security, suffer lots of craps and have no alternatives, work so hard in lossy job and get paid so little while good jobs goes to FTs... etc. Certainly there is also no democracy except a falsehood of it.

People may think democracy will solve these problems, yes may be but not necessarily. Let me explain:

Singaporeans used to suffer less in the 80's & 90's under the same famiLEE LEEgime, we are much worst now. Why? The level of democracy then & now are about the same. The difference is in the corruption and incompetence, and not in the democracy. Look that the ministers' salaries in the 80's & 90's much lower than the current!

The democracy level remained from then till now generally unchanged. But the incompetence and corruption increased, so we suffer more!

Democracy may bring chance for us to change to a better leadership - at least to remove what we don't want any more. But that will only work if there is actually one better replacement ready (tested ready). In USA there are almost equally strong and experienced and established Democratic & Republican parties to rotate or replace each other from time to time, not Singapore!

Democratized Taiwan for example, did not change nor improved drastically along with the change of democratic govts. Taiwanese economic strength and defense capability as well as financial wealth remain at natural development and did not show a drastic jump nor change with their political changes.

Thailand also remained generally same in several military take over from democratically elected govts. Therefore losing and re-gaining democracy does not change society economy and national strength & status much. Bangkok & Phuket remained the same all these time, weather there is democratically elected govt or military coup govt.

China remained as communist system from days of Mao Ze Dong to Hua Guo Feng to Deng Xio Ping to Jiang Ze Min to Hu Jin Tao, but the economy and national strength + international influence level went through lots of changes. What cause the changes? Not democracy again! It was essentially the change of leadership and change of strategies that brought these changes.

USA is a democracy (an idealized model to many) but you can see what happened in Bush's hands! :-) What a world of difference from USA in the hands of Bush senior!

These are my observations and learnings. Therefore, I don't put democracy as the top sacred objective or guidance for reforming Singapore. I see that SGP have to come off the hands of famiLEE 1st, otherwise you can not get any significant difference made. You can change election system, abolish GRC etc, vote 30 non-PAP into parliament etc. In the end I won't expect much different even if a good half of the GE2006 opposition candidates were voted in. Yes, you will get very excited you will get famiLEE's balls tied and crush the bastards' ego etc and at most some satisfaction or better freedom. BUT, I don't think that will increase a lot of Competence in the govt leadership, LKy will never appoint non-PAP minister also unless he lost 2/3 majority. At the very most, famiLEE LEEgime's corrupted laws and policies gets more checks and whacks that's all.

Peasants will still suffer essentially the same, or may be even more because like Ass Loong admitted that his time have to be spent fighting oppositions instead of looking at national problems.

I am not discouraging people to vote APs, but I have to give practical view and show the comparison of scenarios.

Unless the core of this LEEgime (famiLEE) is removed, you won't get a really significant difference. I don't mean that you can not do so via GE, there is a possibility - kick LKy out of Tanjong Pagah & Ass Loong out of AMK. Unless this was done, there will be essentially nothing significant to expect.

In my own view, if we just merely remove them from power, this problem can still easily come back to Singapore. Therefore we need to give a really significant punishment and liquidation to these bastards, to show example for future Singaporeans, to serve as education and deterrence lessons.


A true reformer will not sell you a rosy picture and promise you good things after democratization, if you see such a thing, that would be just another LKy/PAp in the making. Democracy level is an angle of measurement of improvement we could get after removing a totalitarian LEEgime, but democracy won't be the only aspect of measurement, you must also look at many other things.