Monday, September 24, 2007

PAp LEEgime is Fundamentally DISHONEST

From a very plain simple angle of Reliance and Trust, the PAp is fundamentally dishonest with the Singaporean people. I refer to their persistent repudiations and betrayals trickeries. The most prominent one at the moment is the commitment to return CPF savings to their members when they reach age of 55. The most notoriously know ones being their rosy promises just before elections that followed by most unacceptable policies quickly after the elections.

The dishonesty of PAp LEEgime is in their deliberate misleading of voters, by not revealing their unacceptable policies in crucial matters for the voters to decide, and then self-claim to be mandated to carry out these unacceptable policies imposing on the seriously betrayed people. This is a persistent double-crossing stunt pulled elections after elections.

The shameless LEEgime planned and prepared their trickeries in every election. Policies such as these are not disclosed before polling for people to decide their votes and instead they engineer a load of rosy propaganda to mislead Singaporeans:

  • GST hike
  • Ministerial Salary hike
  • CPF reform
  • Fee & Utility hikes

These are deep affecting crucial policies that voters have every rights to be informed before their decisions. The dishonest famiLEE LEEgime tricked voters to sign them blank cheques to exploit at their free will after the election.

In the part of Singaporean people, it is shameful to be tricked by the same crooks using the same trick over and over and then still fall for it without learning. :-)


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