Sunday, September 23, 2007

Appropriate Reform Action According To Phase

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I learn that with correct modifications things will work even better in Singapore than else where in terms of revolution. You got to know your own country and people well. You got to also find out what button to push at what time.

There is some how a ZERO SUM nature within human overall, that different people; different culture; different era; different individual etc, are just differently balanced versions of our complex human nature, but there is ZERO SUM system some how, that the weak is weaker in this area but is however stronger otherwise, such that there isn't absolute weakness nor absolute strength. There isn't absolute advantage nor absolute disadvantage.

Some times the very strength of your enemy is it's very most weak point that you should attack right upon. My 2 favorite examples are the Crocodile's mouth and LKy.

Buyaks are deem to strongest at their mouths, but that is also their wide opened weakness via which you and pierce right into their weakest and most lethally vulnerable guts. It is the same mouth of buyak. But it is up to you to visualize and act accordingly weather that is the beasts' strongest advantage against you, or your best opportunity to kill and destroy it.

LKy is widely deemed by APs as the strongest of PAp LEEgime, but in my view LKy is the weakest and most vulnerable of all, and via LKy you have the best handle to take out LEEgime, which is why it is the MUST-attack-1st point. LKy is the most valuable asset to AP as well as the worst liability to entire PAp LEEgime. After LKy mati, you will only all realize how much more different and more difficult to go about.

If you make that major major mistake to play within the system, then even LKy's grandson Li Hong Yi will rule & bully and exploit your grandson. Be only destructive at this phase, and change to be constructive after the famiLEE LEEgime is over. Take the right action at the appropriate timing, be flexible and dynamic.

A flexible spear is more suitable than the rigid one to pierce the crocodile's guts via it's mouth, because the flexibility is necessary to conform and slip down it throat. Attack the right spot at the right timing. If your spear head hit the skull or thick skin there is no significant damage. You must draw your spear backwards and aim with accurate anticipation again, learn from experience. Use your predator instinct well, crocodile is your dinner otherwise you will be it's lunch.


Let famiLEE LEEgime learn how to play within our system - a system to punish and perish them!

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I would like to tell the forum that I strongly insist to have appropriative actions carried out in accordance to the phase of reform.

NOT, I repeat NOT to be constructive at all time. That is blindness and naive driven by some sort of greed and cowardice. It IMPOSSIBLE to be simply and always in constructive mode for fruitful national reform and building.

As simple as planting paddy in a field, a farmer got to know when is the phase and time for which appropriate action in accordance with the climate seasons. You have to know when to slash, when to burn, when to water, when to dig soil and when to fertilize, when to harvest and when to enjoy your food. How can you reverse or switch around? How can you blindly just want to do e.g. watering of field? You will be just unfruitful!

Not all these actions are constructive, but the necessary destructive action at the appropriate time is just a phase of the desire production cycle, e.g. slash & burn. There is no way to have non-stop watering and fertilization or nurturing, in a blinded greedy and naive mode hoping to get more paddy at the end by avoiding to slash dig and burn.

PAp is a misled lot and they are in turns trying to mislead some APs, pse don't be confused and misled by them!



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