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Democracy - my SBF forum post

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Democracy is a good thing but democrats admit that it is full of weakening flaws and problems. We have to see to a suitable balance. If you compare democracies in the west and Asia (e.g. Taiwan & India) there are different flavors. We must not not blindly implement the wrong version.

To make clear for myself democracy is not my top guiding principle for this fight. I am fighting against evil greedy selfish cowards known as famiLEE LEEgime, my higher guidance principle (than democracy) are Truth; Justice & Anti-Corrupt in particular the LEEgalized Corruption. I see democracy only as a good aspect of measurement not the ultimate sacred ideology.

Bottom line is weather with democracy or not, there must not be evil greedy selfish cowards such as this hereditary famiLEE LEEgime exploiting us like this. Removing the famiLEE LEEgime is a natural 1st step to a more democratic Singapore, but that democratization isn't the most primary objective. The higher objective is to get an eradication to this corrupted and incompetent LEEgime under famiLEE.

Give me a more competent and less corrupted choice than famiLEE LEEgime, even in which level of democracy is identical to the famiLEE I will still take it.

Singaporeans will suffer less if govt was more competent and less corrupt (LEEgally) at this moment. Peasants are now suffering from corrupt and incompetent leadership, that we have to pay too much, and gets too little, work till very old and got no retirement security, suffer lots of craps and have no alternatives, work so hard in lossy job and get paid so little while good jobs goes to FTs... etc. Certainly there is also no democracy except a falsehood of it.

People may think democracy will solve these problems, yes may be but not necessarily. Let me explain:

Singaporeans used to suffer less in the 80's & 90's under the same famiLEE LEEgime, we are much worst now. Why? The level of democracy then & now are about the same. The difference is in the corruption and incompetence, and not in the democracy. Look that the ministers' salaries in the 80's & 90's much lower than the current!

The democracy level remained from then till now generally unchanged. But the incompetence and corruption increased, so we suffer more!

Democracy may bring chance for us to change to a better leadership - at least to remove what we don't want any more. But that will only work if there is actually one better replacement ready (tested ready). In USA there are almost equally strong and experienced and established Democratic & Republican parties to rotate or replace each other from time to time, not Singapore!

Democratized Taiwan for example, did not change nor improved drastically along with the change of democratic govts. Taiwanese economic strength and defense capability as well as financial wealth remain at natural development and did not show a drastic jump nor change with their political changes.

Thailand also remained generally same in several military take over from democratically elected govts. Therefore losing and re-gaining democracy does not change society economy and national strength & status much. Bangkok & Phuket remained the same all these time, weather there is democratically elected govt or military coup govt.

China remained as communist system from days of Mao Ze Dong to Hua Guo Feng to Deng Xio Ping to Jiang Ze Min to Hu Jin Tao, but the economy and national strength + international influence level went through lots of changes. What cause the changes? Not democracy again! It was essentially the change of leadership and change of strategies that brought these changes.

USA is a democracy (an idealized model to many) but you can see what happened in Bush's hands! :-) What a world of difference from USA in the hands of Bush senior!

These are my observations and learnings. Therefore, I don't put democracy as the top sacred objective or guidance for reforming Singapore. I see that SGP have to come off the hands of famiLEE 1st, otherwise you can not get any significant difference made. You can change election system, abolish GRC etc, vote 30 non-PAP into parliament etc. In the end I won't expect much different even if a good half of the GE2006 opposition candidates were voted in. Yes, you will get very excited you will get famiLEE's balls tied and crush the bastards' ego etc and at most some satisfaction or better freedom. BUT, I don't think that will increase a lot of Competence in the govt leadership, LKy will never appoint non-PAP minister also unless he lost 2/3 majority. At the very most, famiLEE LEEgime's corrupted laws and policies gets more checks and whacks that's all.

Peasants will still suffer essentially the same, or may be even more because like Ass Loong admitted that his time have to be spent fighting oppositions instead of looking at national problems.

I am not discouraging people to vote APs, but I have to give practical view and show the comparison of scenarios.

Unless the core of this LEEgime (famiLEE) is removed, you won't get a really significant difference. I don't mean that you can not do so via GE, there is a possibility - kick LKy out of Tanjong Pagah & Ass Loong out of AMK. Unless this was done, there will be essentially nothing significant to expect.

In my own view, if we just merely remove them from power, this problem can still easily come back to Singapore. Therefore we need to give a really significant punishment and liquidation to these bastards, to show example for future Singaporeans, to serve as education and deterrence lessons.


A true reformer will not sell you a rosy picture and promise you good things after democratization, if you see such a thing, that would be just another LKy/PAp in the making. Democracy level is an angle of measurement of improvement we could get after removing a totalitarian LEEgime, but democracy won't be the only aspect of measurement, you must also look at many other things.


Blogger young-pap said...

PAP has started on a cultural revolution. Give it another 10 years, and it will go the way China's "four gangs" did.

But alas, singaporeans will have to suffer the way those Chinese did in the 1970s - 10 years lost.

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