Friday, August 10, 2007

Rep of Singapore flag lowered once again

On NDP2007, 9th Aug 2007, filled with egoistic propaganda blended with obscurantism misled by patriotism the famiLEE LEEgime once again lower the Rep Of Singapore Flag at about 1900Hr. Traditionally in Singapore and every other country this sunset hour is a standard flag lowering time. Flag raising is at sunrise, flag lowering is at sunset, I think there is no exception unless in Vampire Kingdom where their days & nights are always reversed.

ref TianAnMen Chinese flag raising & lowering schedule

ref American flag rasiing & lowering schedule

Those days when Lee Kuan Yew was PM, NDP at The Padang was always around the sunrise, or at least in the day lights. Those were also the days when this tiny republic rose up to respectable status as a new nation. As it is currently the famiLEE LEEgime's rising days are over, as their status falls globally, they began to also change the hours to conduct NDP in accordance with their own sunset timings. At least it seems that way in the past few years, that NDP were always conducted in the darkness after sunset and at the traditional flag lowering hours.

Obviously they seem to be celebrating the lowering of Republic of Singapore flag, and not the raising on the contrary. How can it be flag raising at 1900hr? Are we the Vampire Kingdom now?

The other obviously inappropriate treatment of Republic Singapore flag is to be hoisted below a helicopter. It is like an insult or abuse to put a flag UNDERNEATH a vehicle, the rope is like an up-side-down flagstaff signifying military defeat or fall of a nation. Any self-respecting nation will not do that especially on a National Day. It isn't that MIW Ah Beng are uniquely innovative with that, but just that no other people will be equally as stupid.

Every time they do this, the status of famiLEE LEEgime and sadly along with Republic of Singapore gets lowered with the flag. It get lower and lower each year it is reaching the bottom of flagstaff and won't be able to go any where lower than that.

Not just what it symbolized but it reflected clearly and fully in accordance with reality of the state. Today there is a severe lose at Singapore Exchange immediately after it reopened from National Day Holiday. STI tumbled 200 points and fell below 3300. Ironically just after famiLEE LEEgime's Ass Loong PM announced his optimistic economic forecast as to be 7-8%. This being the 2nd major STI slump in the week, and both instants lost more than 100 points each.

Peasant took suicide again just before the National Day by jumping to death on the MRT track at Tampines Station. Lee Kuan Yew just about a week ago called this Singapore's Golden Period. Well I agree with him that it is Golden Period for the ministers' families, their salaries increased by more than 50% in one single hike, but surely not for the peasants. The economic growth for PAP ministers' family is above 50%, the peasants gets -10% or -20% so it may average out to be 7-8% growth after being computed by MIW's PHD mathematicians.

It is Golden Period for the million dollar blood sucking Vampires, not for their victims who are being plundered by 7% GST.

Not only the Republic of Singapore's flag had been lowered, the famiLEE LEEgime's karma as well. Heaven already showed a series of omens. Singapore saw snow in July 2007, and consecutive waterspouts earlier this year.

Singapore is under economic sanction and resources embargo such as Indonesian Sand Ban. Temasek investments had been sanctioned in Thailand and soon Indonesia, among their other losses such as Biopolis & Life Science. Pathetically the famiLEE LEEgime bet heavily on Bush's hopelessly failed wars. Ironically they are still full of the most naive form of optimism and totally neglect all their own plights and failures.

There are just too many symptoms of a sunset regime popping up all over the famiLEE LEEgime. The Singaporean people displayed their heavy hearts by the lacking of flags displayed for National Day celebration. It had never be clearer before 2007 that 99.99% of the flags seen are only the effects of RC minions. The individual display of flags also limits to the homes of RC minions'.

My call to fellow Singapore is to aggregate our strengths and make one fruitful push to ouster and remove famiLEE LEEgime, once and for all. Wisely and Bravely conduct our reform, pay the necessary price for it. Singapore is our country our home, and it is worthwhile to do it for our children.

We can not just sit down and watch our flag and republic get lower and lower further. Don't just sit there to await for miracle, don't begrudge the necessary price. There is no meaningful hope of future without necessary price paid.

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