Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Immunize Protect & Reward the MRT Suicide Video Leaker

I call the public and Singaporeans immunize; protect and reward people such as the righteous individuals who leaked and exposed the MRT suicide videos. We must still further encourage similar actions, to expose famiLEE LEEgime's cover-ups; lies; falsehood; scandals and crimes.

If they ever get penalized, the future govt after LEEgime must reward and compensate them. After famiLEE LEEgime, I recommend to award merits to individuals who contributed significantly in exposing and whistle-blowing against the filthy corrupted LEEgime. Rewards must be given proportionally and accordingly.

The public should support; protect; immunize; praise and encourage righteous actions such as that done with exposing the MRT Suicide video on the Internet. More of these actions will help bring about a better Singapore and change the country for the better, and develop faster. Darkness lighted up and dirts exposed for remedy.

It is morally a crime actually to collaborate with the corrupted & incompetent famiLEE LEEgime to cover up filths and crimes or scandals. To expose them is the only right thing for justice and righteousness.

To be loyal and patriotic to OUR Rep of Singapore, all citizens and members of public must have this courage to expose the dark and bring light to where it is necessary.

Expose the famiLEE LEEgime, because Rep of Singapore is OURS, and not the famiLEE's!

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