Monday, November 13, 2006

7% GST the repayment of Progress Package

During the GE2006 rallies and campaigns, I predicted that GST will hike after election, and 7% was the figure I had once quoted. I cited that Progress Package would be a prime cause of GST hike, because famiLEE LEEgime need to make the voters pay back this Progress Package Vote Buying Ang Pao, as soon as election is over.

The parliament that had been illegally elected via Progress Package Vote Buying had only just began to be seated, and what did famiLEE LEEgime try to rubber stamp first in this illegitimate parliament? GST hike to 7%!

Additional reasons for GST hike includes more heavy losses in GIC Termasek, more inefficiency and wastage. More official self enrichments. More falsification to buff up failing economy to make it look good.

In just Thailand alone, Termasek GIC's scandalous deals with ousted corrupt Thug-Sin regime is still continuing to burn billions. We can not be sure that 7% GST will be sufficient for famiLEE LEEgime to plug this big bottomless hole. Peasants will continue to be bankrupted, jump MRT track or HDB flat, continue to be unemployed and homeless, continue to suffer and struggle to live, continue to be pressurised and stress until physical and mental health are both damaged.

The other thing that would hike would be civil servants' salaries particularly the ministers'. But ministries; GLC; GRC will continue to retrench as expected :-) as the famiLEE LEEgime continue to burn the big holes bigger.

Unlike others, I won't blame the voters because I know that famiLEE LEEgime would not be able to help it, and have no other ways to avoid their own dead set destiny. Unless all the contested seat were won by AP and PAp became opposition party, they will have to ended up increasing GST straight after election. They have no alternatives, because their situation is desperated and critical. This is regardless weather they had 66% or just only 50.01% vote.

Even if the PAp's vote turned out to be less than 50% and that they lost the election, the out come might still be the same if they had to join with say WP to form coallition government, GST still would be increased. The only difference is that they will just face a lot more obstacles to increase it. The problem faced by our country is just beyond what a single election's vote can change or improve, it takes a much longer term to slove and much more prices are called for to be paid.

Any one looking for a quick cheap and easy way out has got to be dreaming.

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Blogger uncleyap said...

The bad things by famiLEE LEEgime such as this GST hike is inevitable, even if reform could take place in fastest pace, there is still a period of latency before we can expect any possitive results visible.

LKy famiLEE LEEgime had been in Singapore for over 40 long years, there are problem very deep down the roots, therefore the latency before any reform may see result would be quite long.

But however long or difficult or costly, we must still doing it for the sake of future and our grandchildren.

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