Thursday, September 14, 2006

Knowing How to LOOK DOWN on LEEgime's STUPIDITY

I always stress that knowing how to properly look down on LKy and his famiLEE LEEgime is the most important 1st step to overcome their rules, because unfortunately, most highly educated Singaporeans are Wrongfully At Awe and Respecting stupid LKy & famiLEE LEEgime. Thinking how they are etc.

The hosting of WB IMF is the current affair that I like to use as example to help Singaporeans see how Useless, Silly & Incompetent is famiLEE LEEgime:

Singapore's tiny banks which the Ah Bengs self-proclaimed to be ORIENTAL SWISS only constitute 0.4% in the world bank IMF. Really tiny Pee Sai. GIC Termasek are so broke they they are borrowing Ah Long all the while - look at their constant issuings of bonds & debts, & their huge losses.

BY HOSTING WB IMF EVENT spending hundred millions of our poor peasants money, famiLEE LEEgime IS MAKING A HUGE NET LOST as usual.

But this is not the stupid part - yet.

Let me use the traditional Hockian analogy here, that a poor man cut the flesh of himself to treat a very rich man a big meal, just because he feel as stupid honor to do so!

IMF WB are the strongest finance in the world system. We are tiny Pee Sai. But we are footing the bill here for their meetings! Why? What for? Where are our gains?

Stipid LKy famiLEE LEEgime suck our poor peasants blood to BlanJia the rich bankers abalones, for what?

It should be the complete reversed!

That the world's richest bankers & finance power have to be made by SGP govt to fork out billions here to have their meetings held in security & hospitality.

Ass Loong Son GRAFTED S$2.6 Billion for VOTE BUYING. If SG govt could make WB IMF spend S$2.6 Billion for their big big (Ah Beng think so) annual meetings, it is may be as good as each of our citizens receive another extra progress package. But now it is the reversed!

We are being ripped off big time to subsidize the world biggest bank & finance big shot! What is the meaning?

Rich man got invited to poor man's home to get treated so well, while he made abosolutely no contribution to improve the poor man's life? So rich and just take advantage of the poor, to make them poorer! This is what IMF WB are doing to us Singaporean peasants.

It is so because our famiLEE LEEgime stupid and suaku enough to arrange so, to belive that they could make indirect gains or Ah Beng's FACE. Like the silly poor man who cut his own flesh and starve his own family to feed his rich guest with ablones, because he felt a silly HONOR! This strongly and clearly reflected the cappiest SLAVE MENTALITY inside the minds of famiLEE LEEgime <>.

These MIw think Ang Moh & rich finance are god, and without gaining anything they are fully willing to pay a high price to treat their god nice, and feel so proud & honor doing so!

I must point out that it is not only just our money that the morons of famiLEE LEEgime are paying. They are paying unnecessary political prices like banning protests and implement stupid restrictions to expose their own myths of .

Suing FEER during IMF is just extra exmaple of their stupid mantality, showing their arrogance and desperate. :-)

Other countries' govt are not so stupid as famiLEE LEEgime.


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