Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Who Are the criminals and who are not?

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The VOTE BUYING IS WORLDWIDE KNOWLEDGE is is beyond need to prove.

The PAp govt admit that @$2.6 billion was distributed 5 days before poll to entire nation. That is enough.

Wider and more audacious bribe does not make it legal.

We can neglect all the other things and just focus on Ass Loong Son's cirminal intention, to affect voters vote in favour of himself, his father and his party in the GE which they stood as candidate as well as get million dollar jobs.

This is sufficient motive clear cut.

This is done by only Ass Loong Son & his dad, because LKy is his Mentor, and only PM can ask Nathan to dissolve parliament on that 27th April and asked Election Dept to schedule the polling day just exactly 5 days after CPFB was scheduled to encash S$2.6 billion of Progess Package to entire nation.

Because the entire nation and world have clear knowledge of the facts of this crime. We don't have to look for any prove any further.

We just need to point out that he distributed S$2.6 billion 5 days before the poll, and by doing that he stands to gain power and wealth and so does his father, his famiLEE, and his gang of PAp.

This is criminal enough under all laws known to human.


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