Friday, June 30, 2006

Major Milestone / Landmark Ahead on Road of REFORM

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By the corrupted nationwide vote buying in GE2006, I would like to point out that a major milestone or landmark is appearing head on Singaporeans' Road of REFORM. That is still ahead but already visible, it is certainly not negligible.

I am referring to the famiLEE LEEgime had exposed their own legitimacy to exist and rule, via criminally buying vote. Let me stress the importance of it:

  • it is irreversible (undo is impossible)
  • it is prominent and audacious (cover-up is impossible)
  • it is significantly dirty
  • they can not hide
  • every details well known is evidence of conviction
  • there is almost no defense
  • it is criminal by global standard
  • it is simple and comprehensive
  • it had been immediately attacked
  • famiLEE had been most evasive about it
  • it is simply LEEthal for the famiLEE LEEgime
All we need now is time & efforts to pursue this landmark restlessly vigorously until we reach there. Upon that, the rest of the Road of Reform wouldn't be the same as before this point. That is how significant this marker is.

I would put it as a major change of phase for Singapore's history.

We must push forward to this as this meaningful milestone had already emmerged clearly before us. We shouldn't miss our aim and let ourself be lost from now on.



Blogger uncleyap said...

What I mean is to end famiLEE LEEgime via liquidation of their legitimacy. famiLEE should be put away for this crime. This is the definition of this landmark.

Without this famiLEE in power, our road of reform won't be the same because the most significant obsticle is removed.

Road of reform from then on would be essentially constructive.


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