Monday, June 26, 2006

CORRUPTED ELECTION: Lee Hsien Loong & PAp vs Thaksin & Thai Rak Thai

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Thug-sin's Thai Rak Thai party found guilty of election fraud, and his partner of crime - Singapores' famiLEE still at large hiding behind a kangaroo!

The dirty corrupted cohort of Thug-sin including Lee Hsien Loong & Ho Jinx, both had their photographs burnt in front of Singaporean embassy in Bangkok last month. The cohort are together involved in the tax evasion deals with Shin-Corpse which is a dead lost with our Termasek $money$ costing us billions now.

Thug-Sin & famiLEE both plunder their peasants.

But famiLEE is worst. Why?

Because Thug-Sin's father not in politics, Thug-sin's wife not in control of Thailand's state funds. Ass Loong's father (who???) Wife (what jinx??)



famiLEE is worst because it PLUNDER & SQUANDER, and Thug-sin at least not able to squander Thais state funds like Termasek / GIC.

The father in-law PLUNDER, The daugter in-law SQUANDER, and then the Son BLUNDER!! What a big happy famiLEE, what a nation of poor peasants!


Thug-sin is involved only in bribing some tiny political parties, that is PEANUT.

Ass Loong Son is involved in nationwide vote buying and bribed entire population of voters! Isn't that something very world class or FIRST WORLD?

Thai court might punish the Thai Rak Thai party by ordering it to be dissolved and Thug-sin will be disqualified from forming any new party in the next 5 years!


Yet famiLEE hiding behind kangaroo court, and it still use kangaroo to oppress my SDP friends wanting to dissovle SDP! Wow! Kiss my ass famiLEE! I will fart into your faces!

This is what you called 1st world old dog thief LKy?

Even dogs know more shame than you LKy!


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The political party of Thaksin Shinawatra, the Thai prime minister, was yesterday found guilty of violating election law, probably ending his career.

The Thai Rak Thai party hired small parties to run in the 2 April election to ensure it won a majority.>>

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