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Nationwide Vote Buying & KNF Cheating Scandal

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famiLEE LEEgime criminals are liable to be punished for Nationwide vote buying PERIOD.

Their crimes are not currently punishable under the mangled Singapore system if (in)justice, but by all other measures known to the human civilization, they are undoubtedly severe crimes liable for severe punishments.

Mangle the system of justice into a system of injustice itself is another count of severe crime. None other than famiLEE LEEgime itself is responsible and liable for this. Pointing blank, the criminal who engineered the 40 years of all these crimes is none other than Lee Kuan Yew the old dog thief.

Regardless how small we know the red-dot being, this Nationwide Vote Buying involving S$2.6 billion is a world record, regardless either in FIRST WORLD or third. Loong's Ah-Beng daddy and ancestors can be proud of it. I belive it is indeed a record beyond world record in entire planet's civilization.

Without any complicated evidence or trial, GE2006's vote buying crime is clear to every layman with average intelligence or even slightly below average. It is <> nationwide, plain & simple.

Nationwide vote buying bribing entire population with S$2.6 billion is a corrupted practice of election almost 100% in synonymy to it's defination. The huge amount of money and universality of the bribery only described the depth & scale of it corrupt, and does not at all make it legal in any way.

The court failed to annul the corrupted poll, that only show that the justice is mangled. If the text of law said this is legal, then the law is unjust - but in this case the text didn't.

Section 97(2) of Parliamentary Election Act is clear about corrupted practices annul the relevant election result by Section 90.

In the case of nationwide vote buying affecting all 84 seats, the entire GE2006 has to be void by this Parliamentary Election Act. Any govt taking office or claiming any mandate via such a corrupted election is ILLEGITIMATE because they are NOT rightfully elected.

If cashing S$2.6 billion to all voters 5 days before poll isn't a crime and govt elected so corruptly was legitimate then there is no need of any laws or court in this country and even mentioning the existance of court of law is a mockery in this island state.

No any other criminal can commit this crime by-passing famiLEE's father & son, their are the primary criminals beyond doubt.

Director Soh Kee Hean of Corrrupt Practices Investigation Bureau which slogan beside it's logo said <>, had swiftly & surely denied my request for his bureau to investigate GE2006 vote buying.

I am considering to take the bureau to court for it refusal of duty and malfeasane.

Above is the eService page of CPIB which you can complain corrupt practices to the bureau, I had sent even CC copy to parliament, president and chief justice. They just refused to take any action or made no reply!

This is indeed FIRST WORLD!

I you think your complain can work better than mine, pse do so via above URL or any other means you know. :-)

The CPIB had investigated T T Durai of NKF, and made it the highest possible profile, with excellent showmanship indeed.

Perhaps they are too busy with NKF and had to neglect GE2006 vote buying? :-)
NKF is a nationwide kidney fund cheating.

Like I had pointed out quoted in LianHeWanBao before GE, that, NKF is indeed the missing organ in Khaw Boon Wan's Ministry of Health organization chart which comprises of specialist centers of various human organs: eye; brain; womb; skin; teeth; heart etc

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The only difference between National Kidney Foundation & National Heart Center or National Eye Center for examples, is that it is the organ specialist center which had been PRIVATIZED and CHARITIZED.

NKF is at this time the only organ specialist center being Charitized this way is because it is the pilot experimental scheme to similarly charitize other healthcare services. This is to cause the services to be funded by PUBLIC CHARITIES instead of state or Ministry of Finance.

This also means that the million dollar salary Minister of Health washed his hands of the citizens' kidney after NKF, and wiped it off his ministrys' organization chart as well as budget.

More significantly, when scandals like T T Durais' got exposed, the minister looked as if he got nothing to do with it, and he played Good Man fixing up the scandalized charity fund! What dirty cheapo hypocracy!

NKF isn't the only portion of Ministry of Health organization chart that they plan to convert to convert into public charity funding, cancer is another, and remember ComCare Fund & Community Chest?

Govt Web Link
Web Link
Web Link

Check out the NKF Cancer Fund & donation web pages above. :-)

Remember how the big smiling million dollar ministers appearing on NKF TV shows and their crocodile tears asking for you generous donations? Do you feel like being cheated in a grand nationwide scam now?

What about nationwide vote buying, via which the million dollar crooks can continue to rig more exploitations and enrich themselves in power?
NKF is a miniture copy of famiLEE LEEgime implemented from the same LKy blueprint. famiLEE is a bigger version of T T Durai. It does not require very high IQ for one to visualize this.

By the following aspects they are identical / comparable:

  • obscene salaries
  • non-tranparency
  • non-accountability
  • unquestioned power over huge public funds
  • LEEgal protection priviledge
  • bully and injustice via mangled court (defamtion suits)
  • state run media to promote unworthy trusts & fame
  • state run media helping to solicit money and power
  • squandering and wastage
  • self-enrichment and grafts
  • abuse of trust and power
  • massive cover up
  • large number of innocent victims suffering
  • ignorant public supporting and respecting the culprits
  • falsehood and hyporacy & corruption well concealed and schemed
  • stately status
  • whistle-blowers are punished LEEgally
  • white-washing the already exposed scams & still proceeding

It is not just FIRST WORLD here, it is quite OUT OF THE WORLD especially the salaries we are taling about. T T Durai is S$600k a year and famiLEE are $millions$. The amount of graft is next to beyond measurement with the famiLEE and is certainly still measured in short with the NKF.

This is only a brief of what I wanted to tell Singaporeans during GE2006 which the famiLEE had sued my SDP friends to prevent. This is the same things I had been telling the public when I sold SDP's New Democrat news papers, and the LEEgime is charging me 8 charges of for.

I will continue to speak the truth regardless how they try to stop me.


If you have heard my vocal announcements durig GE, I said:

Don't sell your vote to Lee Hsien Loong!
Vote Buying is illegal!
The Progress Package is nothing but your very own money
Just take the money and don't give him the vote!
Rep of Singapore belongs to you the citizens,
and only citizens can vote
You have a ballot on 6.May because you are an owner of Rep of SGP
if you sold your vote you are selling your country!
Don't sell your vote to Lee Hsien Loong on 6.May!
Now the LEEgime court refused to annul the GE, and CPIB refused to investigate vote buying, & they are charging me for fighting against their corruption, I am going on hunger strike.

My message to Singapeans:

Corruption in Singapore is LEEgalized & Institutional.
It is wrong and humful for our country & society.
They have mangled law and called filth CLEAN & WHITE,
but we know the truth.
The emperor is naked and there is no new clothes.
Our nation is sinking and our people are suffering,
to survive we have to fight and remove famiLEE LEEgime.
Endurance and tolerance in the past had wasted time
and worsen our nation.
Act now and stand up for Singapore together!


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