Monday, June 26, 2006

Corrupted Singapore General Election

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Lets give them the grace to grant that Progress Pacakage itself was legitimate and approved by parliament as if there were no moral corruption with the Progress Package itself, I mean just assume that first to simplify matters - but I actually think it is corrupt by itself even with the LEEgime parliament rubber stamp.

With the hypothetical assumption standing, I want to ask peasants to focus on the fact that not parliament nor other ministers can decide on dissolving parliament itself to call for GE. Only PM can do that.

So the criminal act of closely scheduling the polling day in within 5 days from encashing of Progress Package to exploit the effects of VOTE BUYING benefiting PAp & famiLEE LEEgime via power via wealth via priviledges etc vast and enormous interests, is a very corrupted crime. And with that assumption of Progress Package which is proposed by Ass Loong himself being approved and fixed on 1.May.2006, the only criminal that can exploit that approval for corrupted electoral gains is also Ass Loong himself and no one else because only he can push the Election button and schedule it only 5 days apart.

The existance of such a strong criminal intention can not be avoided and can not be waved off by saying or doing anything. Especially claiming that there are nothing to do between the CASH given on 1.May.2006 & the POLL on 6.May.2006

CASH & POLL orchastrated within the same 6 day time frame, handing out state funds to voters and their families and ask them to return ruling party to power. This crime can be done only by the 2 LEEs, and would be totally impossible without their consent.


I ask everyone also to ! [Bush]

CASH on 1.May.2006 plus POLL on 6.May.2006 == VOTE BUYING == CORRUPTED ELECTION

By very simple law that every layman can understand.

Beside crime of vote buying, it have to added definately with a charge of GRAFT which is the obvious fact that state funds under the care and responsibility of PM cum Finance Minister had be exploited for the purpose of buying vote in GE2006, that amount is S$2.6 billion.

So we are talking about 2 instead of 1 corruption charges, Vote Buying and Graft.

Make No Mistake About This TOO!



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