Monday, June 26, 2006

Plan to Hunger Strike in Prison Against Corrupted Election in Singapore

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Just to make a few points:

  • The concerns about World Cup is not a consideration any more, because World Cup would be over by the time we really get to the business of hunger strike.
  • I think there are 2 possibilities for the place / venue for the relay hunger strike, either a hotel room or private hospital. Sponsorship need to be seeked.
  • I am prepared for continous hunger strike instead of relay myself. When necessary I will breakfast after some time, and if necessary begin for another lap, with issue of my own political statement.
  • 140th reporter had called me this morning regarding this. No additional info that what is here had been given to them, although they asked many questions.
  • Generally, for those considering to take part in relay hunger strike, pse consider your own condition of health and assure your loved ones. Don't exceed 48hr. Most likely, it will be a hotel room with bed and cable TV for you to rest, other helpers supporting, and media / web cam / video covering the event. Prepared to be interviewed. You take only water and no food during the 24/48hr, you may rest / sleep or read / watch TV / use telephone / handphone.
  • When other participant take over from you, the hotel staff should change pillow case & bedsheet etc, at least once for every striker.
  • This is strickly indoor event, no mata permit required, it is hotel room and you are guest resting, you can reject any visitor, and mata have no rights to disturb or monitor you.
  • Strikers may make their individual political statements, we should be democractic and tolerent to difference between ourselves.

These points are my own. :-)


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