Monday, June 26, 2006

Plan to Hunger Strike in Prison Against Corrupted Election in Singapore

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The followings are my personal stands and plans, & I am not at all representiong Dr Chee or Mr Gandhi Ambalam or any party or group with these. Since famiLEE LEEgime took LEEgal action against me, I am just saying my own peice for myself with these. These here are significantly leftist, but for this matter of corrupted election & repetitive oppression by famiLEE LEEgime, it is a justified respond in my own view, to balance the tyranny we face.



  • To defy the corrupted coward LEEgime and seek a better governance of Singapore which have better justice; fair election without vote-buying / threat / freedom of communication & meeting, I desire to go on hunger strike and call for concurrent action by people seeking the same changes for a better future Singapore.
  • I hope to encourage people to fight the oppressive law & corrupted system without fear of charge; arrest; bankruptcy; and imprisonment. I will set example by not posting bail; not pleading guilty; not paying fine; not showing regret; not afraid to break the unjust law repeatedly; and put up hunger strike in prison.
  • For my 1st hunger strike, I am protesting against corrupted election particularly vote buying; preventing political communication; abusing upgrading implementations; persecution of political party & CEC members; police harassments; not just charging myself and others for selling SDP New Democrat.
  • I am also protesting against the abuse of defamation suits; refusal to investigate vote buying by CPIB; attempt to dismiss hearing on corrupted election.
  • I call for patriotic and righteous people concerning Singapore to defy the corrupted Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime, until it is replaced by a free and fairly elected govt which respects and safeguard civil rights; justice; and Singapore be free from a single famiLEE single party monopoly, and people cease to be exploited by a self-enriching cohort.
  • I am aware that my fellow activists & citizens share similar goals with various different visions, I think differences is a feature of democracy. I respect different views, and would be willing to share efforts and spirit to achieve our goals.
  • Defying unjust laws is insufficient for me, I want to see abolishment and amendments to law & constitution, I want to see prevention of abuse in the future and I want to see culprits of abuse held accountable for their crimes. Improvement of Singapore must begin with constitution as foundation, that is why I urged Mr. J B Jeyaretnam to help me initiate campaign to Amend Constitution.

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  • Ending Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE LEEgime alone is insufficient, we must prevent any similar regime falsehood and self-enrichment in the future Singapore. Constitution can help, setting an example via removing LEEgime will provide a lesson via our nation's history. To many at this time, this idea is far-fetched, but deep learning from NKF scandal is necessary. We can not let the future Singapore become a big NKF. famiLEE must be held accountable just like T T Durai.
  • LEEgime had done and is continuing a series of dirty measures to shut political & moral linkage between themselves and NKF. Political parties such as SDP seeking to raise NKF scandal during election had been destroyed by most dirty underhand tactics. This action itself is identical with T T Durai's suing of defamation against whistle blowers of his own scandal. I urge people who are concerned of Singapore's well being take effective measures to stop LEEgime from victimizing Singapore like T T Durai had done NKF.
  • By supporting concurrent hunger strike, one does not need to share all my views and opinions, please do so if you share the same concerns, and please state your own views & causes as you act.
  • Hunger Strike may not be the best thing, but it isn't the only thing we will be doing for Singapore, we have much to do other than this. But we have to 1st get the message out, and I hope it is effective.

Thank you,



I informed my family today that if they hear nothing from me tomorrow, that means I am held in prison because I will not post bail. I ask them not to fall for LEEgime's trick to post bail or pay any $fine$, because their law are unjust and I am NOT guilty. I will then go on hunger strike until I feel that it is time to break fast, and afterwhich I may resume my hunger strike if I find reason & strength to do so.

I will refuse to leave prison regardless anyone paid bail or $fine$ or LEEgime claimed to have received $fine$. In the event they throw my out of the prison I will camp outside prison & might continue hunger strike until I stop by my own will.

By normal practice, Police Sommon will not demand bail at court 26 the next morning, especially there is no reason for nither Mr. Gandhi or Dr Chee or myself to escape to avoid trial. Dr Chee's passport still impounded by the silly Official Assignee. If the mata prosecutor asked for bail, my plan is to begin hunger strike at once.



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