Monday, June 26, 2006

Plan to Hunger Strike in Prison Against Corrupted Election in Singapore

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Not April Fool Joke here.

As a result of SDP's GE2006 walk-about and sales of TND (the same one for which SDP & their CEC had been sued), the mata had harressed my activities constantly, video taping, ordering us to stop etc. Now they are charging Dr CSJ 8 count; Gandhi Ambalam 1 count and myself 8 count.

We are talking about the same GE2006, which famiLEE LEEgime had abused S$2.6 billion of state fund to buy vote; banned internet blogs & podcastings; and pulled upgrading threats on voters.

  • I am now in discussion with activists to synchronize a concurrent hunger strike, I am asking people who feel strongly againts the above matters to take part in a RELAY CONCURRENT HUNGER STRIKE.
  • I will stage hunger strike in prison after refusing to pay fine for the 8 charges of , I will announce details after finalized.
  • Supportive public both from inside and outside Singapore can symbolically stage a limited lenght of hungerstrike to increase the impact.
  • By method of RELAY, a group of participants each taking part for 24hrs to 48 hrs, will go without food, and take only drinks, and continue or rotate in relay method.
  • By means of concurrency, it is not necessary for strike outside & inside prison to begin exactly on same day and end on the same day, as long as there is significant period of overlap and concurrency, it is enough for the political significance.


I am calling for duscussion & suggestion openly here.

It had been identified that we need to resolve a few things:

  • Place to stage, it have to be either web-casted live by web-cam or at least open to press / media to cover 24Hr.
  • Participants' organizing and coordinations
  • Logistics & support, may be medical / safty support
  • Technical support, web-cam, web-cast, video taping, photography.
  • Blogs & websites & mailing lists support to create wider awareness.


I had been dicussing with activists, we all made efforts, but there difficulties and we are not fully in agreement yet. But as soon as this Tuesday 20th June, I might have to begin, depending if the AG demand us to post bail after court mentioning or not.


I think it is easy for healthy young people to go without food for 24-48hrs each, and for a few people to rotate or relay, it is possible to make a meaningful protest against the corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime. Something for future Singaporeans to learn as example.

Rep of Singapore belongs to us the citizens, not the LEEs nor PAp, and it is all up to us to change Singapore for the better. Don't let it be all ruined by the famiLEE LEEgime. We have had enough craps from them already. It is time to really stand up for Singapore.




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