Monday, June 26, 2006

Plan to Hunger Strike in Prison Against Corrupted Election in Singapore

Sammyboymod forum Link

This sort of hunger essentially if only 1 or 2 persons to do will have sufficient effects. If there were a handful then excellent already. Don't have to aim for damn big number. It is an opportunity for people who feel strongly against what is going on in Singapore to do something.

  • It is about cheated election
  • It is about vote buying
  • It is about unfair oppression againt AP
  • It is about abusing state fund to buy vote
  • It is about prevent political communication like blogs & podcasts
  • It is about preventing Walk About & Sale of party New Papers
  • It is about abusing coocked law & kangaroo court
  • It is about CPIB refusing to investigate corrupt GE
  • It is about supreme wanting to throw out hearing about annuling GE

It is about Rep of Singapore does not belong to the LEEs nor PAp, and belong to us the citizens, and we won't let them do all these dirty things and just sit here doing nothing about these.



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