Monday, June 26, 2006

Lee Kuan Yew & Separatism / Treason

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I wd like to repeat a breaking of LKy's myth regarding independence of Singapore & parting with Malaya, which I often speak about:

It had been a big myth that Rep of Singapore could only exist due to LKy or Singapore isn't part of Malaysia today all due to LKy's success.

It is indeed the opposite of that. It is due to LKy's damn shameful failure in Malaya that this Rep of Singapore had came about.

LKy tried so hard but FAILED shamefully to get to the PM position of Malaya in KL. He had been sorely defeated by Thunku Abdul Rahman, and for that he had cried like a little girl. This is historic fact that people had neglected.

I want to point out that LKy not only could not win against Abdul Rahman, even Dr. M also ended up with an upper hand against LKy. This should be enough to shatter the myth based on which the Singapoean peasant had wrongfully respected this old dog thief for so long and so much. Thinking this old dog was so fucking SMART! He is nothing more than an old Ah Beng who eats full of Ang Moh's shit!

I further want to point out that, LKy's mythological creation of Rep of Singapore should be more clearly viewed as a practice of Separatism, which justify a treason charge on himself. I will elaborate later.

But before that let me put forward my usual sneer at his Ass Loong Son that he is Rep of Singapore PM due to his father's FAILURE instead of SUCCESS.

Because otherwise, he would had been the PM of Malaysia by now, in charge of East & West Malaysia plus Red Dot, if his daddy mentor didn't lost the political fight with Thunku Abdul Rahman! :-)

When LKy failed his ego to take control of entire Malaya to become the #1 man, he decided to go on his route of separatism. Basically, he detached an island from Malaya so that he can become King of The Island and then pass to his own son. This is true and though separatism, and can be considered as treason.

Let me ask Singapoean peasants if we can accept this kind of dirty selfish stunt pulled on our Rep of Singapore?

Take hypothesis, if Mr. Chiam See Tong or Mr. Low Thia Kiang wanted to become PM of Singapore, and failed after being defeated by LKy, could they also go on the route of separatism to make Hougang or Potong Pasir independent repulic seperated from Singapore? Because these are examples of separatism and treason - same as what the old dog thief LKy did in Malaya, and had been so proudly praised for!

Take hypothesis again, if famiLEE lost 80% of GE2006, then could Singaporeans accept if famiLEE wanted to make Tanjong Pagah GRC independent Rep of Tanjong Pagah? or if they want to detach Sentosa Island to make Rep of Sentosa? or Republic of Tekong or Ubin?

Because these are similar separatism! Equally viewed as treason by us Singapoean citizens! And that is what exactly LKy did in Malaya.

So I say it is a damn bloody foolish myth of LKy's credit about independence etc, we had all neglected the treason & separatism aspects of the historic facts.

The same act of separatism had separated not only Singapore & Malaysia, even the PAp & their very own cousin DAP, PKMS & UMNO, various business and families of citizens had been seperated.

I was born in 1961 in Singapore city of Malaya. I have cousins in Malaysia. My uncles' granny's graves are in Malaysia. I usually visit them during traditional ChengMeng. But this year due to preparation of GE2006, I delayed by usual visit until GE was over.

It was during my trip to do maintanance on graves of my family elders in Malaysia that I met DAPs selling their ROCKET Papers, if LKy didn't do his separatism acts, I wouldn't need a passport to go there. :-)

Further, may be LKy & Son might not be in power even in the Action Party if it didn't split into PAp & DAP! Because I think Lim Kit Siang & Son would be stronger then LKy & Son.


Malayan PM Tun Abdul Razak insist on the arest of LKy.


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