Monday, June 26, 2006


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PAppies, you joint PAp essentially for behoof and greed. But face it, the sugarplums aren't coming as much and sweet as they used to these days. We all know this. What is in for you PAppies? What is remainding there to attract you? Liabilities?

Fame? That all belong to the famiLEE, only the leftovers are for you!

You are the scape goats and the famiLEE swipes all the merits and credits. Nepotism is primary essense of LEEgime culture. Meritocracy my ass!

LKy the old dog thief always use his famiLEE members FIRST, regardlessly. All the highest powers and most juicy faterning positions are for the famiLEE members only. You start by the LEEgime cabinet and GIC Termasek organization charts to count, you can not run away from that.

When only the famiLEE ran out of closest members to take the most desirable positions then they will give to indirectly related members of famiLEE. Then further, if there is no more such own famiLEE members to fill posts, the closest doggy cronies begin to get chances. So on so forth.... When will it come to your own turns PAppies?

How close are you to the core of famiLEE?


[to be continued...]


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