Monday, June 26, 2006


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Here again I reinforce my call to PAppies to renegade against the famiLEE. It is time to do so for you own sake and Singapore's sake.

I have called before GE2006 for PAppies to leave PAp party, to form own parties or to join any existing parties. Now I add another option for you PAppies which is to remain inside PAp and mutiny from within.


Yes you can!

Together with all the APs & Singaporean peasants you can play the famiLEE out and you can do better than us from inside. Because as insiders, you can do what we can not do from the outside.

You can call for reform from within, against famiLEE nepotism & grafts, you can expose dirty secrets from within, you can pull other PAppies from within to join mutiny.

You can become spies for APs, we already have, but we must always have more. :-)

There are increasingly more reasons for you PAppies to renegade against famiLEE:

  1. Their days are numbered and your future is so dark with them.
  2. They are almost unable to feed you now, your pork barrel is empty, your benefits are cut, your cohorts are fighting for the remainding shares, but famiLEE took the lion share leaving most of you hungry.
  3. The peasants hate you and we are going to get you!
  4. You need to plan for your own futures ASAP.
  5. famiLEE backstab you after using you, T T Durai had been sold out this way, do you want to become the next Durai?
  6. These days it is not as portly prestige as before, moral in PAp is low. Your boss Ass Loong Son ordered you after GE to lay low profile, don't be arrogant, don't be too greedy - <>, don't abuse your position as much as before....
  7. You eat too much? your corrupt exposed? Your boss famiLEE isn't any more able to cover up for you! Unlike those good old days, you will have to follow footsteps of T T Durai.
  8. FTs are coming in to PAp to replace you, increasing daily, look at Khaw Boon Wan; LL Neo.... Where are you going to have future? famiLEE is recriting cheaper cronies to kick you out!


So poor PAppies, do it now! After all we are all Singaporeans.

I know, APs & Peasants may reject you, call you moles, and want to kill you. Thank yourselfs for your own past deeds, but pse prove to us that you are firmly against the famiLEE now and not part of them. If you can not join APs, pse form your own parties.

Pse begin rebellion from within PAp!


No balls? Go eat some goat penis from soup kambeng stalls!

I am calling APs and peasants to increase tolerence and acceptance of ex-LEEgime dogs, let them have a chance, and accepting them means famiLEE LEEgime will end faster shortening sufferings of Singaporeans!

Encourage your RC; NTUc; CCc; PAp friends and family members to RENEGADE the famiLEE now. If you don't accept them among our ranks, just treat them as distanced allies, or at least, differntiate them from famiLEE.

We don't need to fight with entire bunch of PAp, just isolate and target famiLEE is enough for now.

The more we beset the PAppies as an entirety, the more we cause them to be united and fighting us together. We must divide and conquer them. The BEST interstice to wedge-in is the famiLEE line, famiLEE are using the non-LEE PAppies and betraying / backstabbing them after utilizing them. The dogs knows and are sore about things.

Pork barrel is getting so empty and there is nothing much to EAT and share, they are in-fighting, this is non-secret already. Natural antipathy & repugnance are increased so much within PAp, PAppies are edging each other out, e.g. GCT is kicked out by Ass Loong.

If we turn our policies now and selectively target only famiLEE and ask the rest of PAppies to cross over to our side, LEEgime will end much faster. Now is the time!


Practically, we can not expect to have a future Singapore stable by entirely eliminating PAp party. Let PAp be there, but famiLEE MUST BE ELIMINATED ASAP. Some PAppies are still useful, at this stage the best role they can play is to be informants regarding corruptions; scandals and grafts; they can become indemefied witnesses and whistle blowers from within PAp.

To win over the PAppies is crucial in taking out the famiLEE. Shift our hostility to only famiLEE and wink eye signals to the rest of PAppies... if they know what to do, we cut a deal with them..?



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