Monday, June 26, 2006

Bribed Singaporean & Thai Elections

Pse consider the calculation this way:

Every Singaporean please use your amount of Progress Package Ang Pao received on 1.May.2006 to determind the amount of MIw LOSSES we each have to be ripped off in order to cover.

For example if you received S$1800 of Ang Pao on 1.May.2006, then your share within S$2.6 billion of total Ang Pao is this much. If the MIw lost S$2.6 billion the next time, you know that they would have to come to your pocket some how or rather to dig out $1800 to fill that big hole they burnt.

The big hole burnt in Thailand now with ShinCorp is about twice the Ang Pao Total, so for each peasant we don't just only have to give 1 X of the Ang Pao back (as in $1 to $1 Ang Pao recovery after GE), you now have to pay back 3 X of what you received already, because another 2 X is burnt in ShinCorp!

From now on, pse use AngPao Measurement as a guideline to estimate your own personal shares concerning any losses made by the famiLEE.


This is the way Singaporeans will know more exactly how painful is the pinch, and without this, peasants often under-estimate their own liablilities and felt as if others are paying for the losses and not themselves.


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