Monday, June 26, 2006


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PAppies, time is up, and you know your old dog thief master is so old that in order to rule further he have to be mummified right now? Anyway that is the fact I pointed out to the rally crowd at Woodland Stadium during GE.


NTU's Ah Beng Tech have to get a team of Techno-Bengs to experiment mummification in their labs ASAP. Your old dog thief is already in the casket, see above picture.

That is why you can not count on famiLEE hoping to have any future for youself by being a MIw any more. Old dog thief is a running dog betraying Asians to the west, but the west don't see him as a useful dog. More obviously, his is already an old dog such that even he could be useful, his masters can not count on his age any longer.

Unlike you PAppies you are much younger dogs to famiLEE. Old dog thief is already within the casket. And his son is totally useless. The famiLEE's western masters know that very clearly. They are going to REPLACE their famiLEE running dogs with something else they can find in Asia. famiLEE is no longer any value to the west.

Just like you PAPpies, you are being replaced by Malaysian & Indon FT cronies within PAp LEEgime. famiLEE's pork barrel is empty, they can not afford to feed you any longer, they are replacing you with cheaper dogs from outside Singapore. Khaw Boon Wan from Penang can do more for the famiLEE than you Singaporean PAppies, for the same worth of $salary$, that's why you are doomed!

On the other hand, you see how your master's western masters treated them?

LKy crawed to Iraq begging for the Baghdad airport and some Anti-Terror war dog biskets, Bush didn't give him any crumps! He crawed back here empty handed. Fortunately SAF boys didn't get killed in Iraq like the GIs.

LKy's wife got stroke in London nearly died there, the Ang Mohs made them QUEE for doctor! No Royal Emergency Vets Treatment for these famiLEE dogs! No Royal Air Force flying hospital to fly Ass Loong's mom back! Not even British Airways! Have come out our own Ah Beng SIA make-shift flying hospital to save LKys' wife.

That is how the Ang Mohs treat their dogs when they are found too old and useless! Mo Mercy! No face!

How would Old Dog Thief then treat you PAppy Dogs?

Pray for yourselves!



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