Monday, June 26, 2006


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famiLEE is going to leave the guilts; raps; responsibilities; blames and liabilities to you PAppies. They can run far away after all their shit fall apart, they have enough money to continue to enjoy life. But most of you PAppies are not so lucky, most of you can not escape and have to face reality of all the angry peasants.

Peasants will make you PAppies lick up all the famiLEE's shit.

Unless you think you can run faster and further then the famiLEE?

If you renegade against the famiLEE NOW, you are safer, much safer to be left behind by the famiLEE to face peasants.

Even if you can run, your family and loved ones can not all run away with you. Is Singapore your own country PAppies or is famiLEE your family? They don't need you any more, not even have to wait till they escape, they are already now replacing you gradually with cheaper FT cronies!

Even as it is right now, your own family and friends are suffering from the famiLEE. Look at the deal with ShinCorp Thailand. Look at the prospects of SMEs. Look at the closed shops and stalls. Look at the empty factories! Look at uncles & aunties picking up trash bins; selling paper towels at food center; look at the old and sick who can not afford high medical fees in Singapore.

Are you totally unrelated to all these victims of famiLEE?

Look at yourself! Where is your own CPF money? Your CPF A/C statement is nothing but a peice of paper, where is the money? If Singapoeans freeze ALL of CPFB's assets and LIQUIDATE TOTALLY to pay back to all CPF member A/C holders, how much do you think you can get back per dollar?

Where are your own lost stock & share investments and property values?

You are only better than the other peasants because you wear White & White and worked for the devils for $money$, peasants suffering more than you under the famiLEE LEEgime, but you and your loved ones and your friends & family are part of Singapore, you can not be too disconnected with the victims of your own.

I don't have to tell you that your karma is very bad?

When the falsehood could look better, famiLEE took all the credits, how much of merits will they share with you? When shit hit the ceiling fan, you PAppies will have to determind yourself which one of you will take the blame, your famiLEE boss sure will not.

You do have some PAppy friends ended up in jail do you? Are they still inside or have you forgotton them?

Yeah! When your MIw corrupts are exposed, the famiLEE can not save your ass. One of you in the whites have to take the rap and go to jail. This life in PAp, we know it from outside. Durai your friend?



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