Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Justified & Necessary Disparagement / Contempt

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I belive that respect is some sort of entitlement, but rather it had to be gain / drawn forth / won over time by actions and / or expressions. Be it for a statesman; a country; a government; a court; or any organization.

I disagree that a position or title or occupation or office must be just given respect by default, irregardless of it's performance / act / conduct. Any respect can be changed either in gain or lost accumulatively over time.

A regime that prolong itself by buying vote, and a court that uphold UNJUST, will not command any respect.

Disparagement & contempt against flasehood; injustice; dishonesty; cheating;
complice with evil are not just necessary and justified, they are the driving force behind correction and delivery of justice. Disparagement & contempt against bully and cowardnees is a primary force behind ingenuous righteousness & courage.

These are the critical & decisive elements needed to conduct reform.


Singapore's reform had been so far unsucessful partly because the reformists have too much reservations and undue respects for the culprits at fault, and still blindly trying to follow the system which is at fault and due to be reformed.

It is naive to hope for the famiLEE LEEgime to correct itself, renew itself, or improve itself by applying some sort of pressure or give it some signals, after so such long decades of disappointments. The naive consideration to have a regime so deeply corrupted to improve accountability and transparency, to stop exploitations, and to rule fairly or hand over power through free and fair election is most unrealistic. Without sufficient disparagement & determination to uproot the famiLEE LEEgime, reformists can not make the necessary difference regardless how much time is given.

This is particularly true when corruption is so comprehensive and within the core.

I recognize that patience and tolerence are also necessary, however not learning sufficiently from past failures and hoping to see penty improvement by a limited comination of scope / plan / effort, is too naive. Reformists must give what it takes in full, and not pussy footing the reform to dream for results.

Harsh corrupted regimes requires harsh reforms.



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