Monday, June 26, 2006

REMAKE Singapore: Learn from PAST MISTAKES

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I most strongly feel and learnt that our most significant mistake in the past 20 years is to hope to reform while keeping famiLEE LEEgime in power, which is totally impossible.

We did that by trying to put Mr. JBJ in parliament, hoping to increase number of non-PAP MPs via UNFAIR elections & let LKy's kangaroo kick JBJ out of parliament repeatedly.

We didn't identify the RIGHT 1st STEP, which have to be removing LKy.

We gave LKy too much time and oppurtunities, until he could install GCt to warm up his son's seat for so long, and then install his son, meanwhile he can destroy so many oppositions, JBJ, TangLiangHong, FrancisSeow, CSJ, SDP....

if we began 20 years ago against LKy strongly and firmly like the Thais are now doing to Thug-sin, we are already a free Rep of Singapore now instead of famiLEE LEEgime.

During all these time we had wasted from Anson till present (1981-2006), the political landscape of Asia changed drastically:

  • F Marcos ousted in Philippines
  • Suharto ousted in Indonesia
  • KMT lost power in Taiwan to DPP Chen Shui Bian

Korea democratize by Kim Dae-jung

LKy still remain in power, and I insist that it is not because he is good, it is because we the Singaporean made BIG MISTAKE. I learnt and I am sharing with all Singaporeans here. We MUST NOT REPEAT THIS MISTAKE!

25 years past between 1981's Anson until GE2006. Li Ao is right that Singapoeans are stupid including uncleyap, this is why LKy can still remain in power. It isn't because LKy was smart or anything like that, because if LKy was smart than we won't have Suzhou Ind Park; Micropolis; ShinCorpse perchase & all that craps, we won't have to count on casino today, and we won't have to count on laundering dirty money and drug blood money.... etc. If LKy were smart, he won't have to count on buying vote now. He is stupid, and Singaporeans more stupid, but the rest of the world aren't so stupid, that's why the world changed against us, and we are in deep shit.

If LKy was smart Singaporeans won't be drinking SaiChwee newater.

The Malaysians are smarter than LKy, that's how LKy got kicked out by Tungu Abdul Raman & cried like a little girl.

Singaproean better now learn smart, and remove famiLEE. NOW PSE, don't wait any longer!

It is another stupid idea to wait for the old dog thief to die, and hope that thing will just turn out as we wished by then.


It is stupid and naive to hope that leaving our national fate out of our own hands and crossing fingers will give us security in political progress in future after this vampire gets mummified. Things will mostly go worst and even more wrong by then, more out of control by then.

Pse don't have any silly naive hope that Singapore will get our desired improvement after the old dog thief LKy died, and we could just sit down doing nothing on sofa and wait for that.

Pse do your part to nail Ass Loong Son for vote buying, get it done with no reservation nor mercy. Don't be cruel to yourself and your own country, take possitive control and make it right and just.

Rep of Singapore belongs to us the citizens, not the famiLEE, not PAp.


Do it!


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