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World Cup Final? RED CARD to Oust famiLEE LEEgime!

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World Cup Final is around the corner. Don't miss it?

I want to remind Singaporeans that time to oust famiLEE LEEgime is also around the corner for us, Don't miss it too!

RED CARD for the famiLEE LEEgime!

This is an election rally photo here, at Sembawang GRC Woodlands [soccer] Stadium. I rallied for the SDP on the eve of 6.May.2006 poll. Held in my right hand is a RED CARD for the famiLEE LEEgime.

Before the rally began, thousands of RED CARDs were distributed to the rally's crowd, and hundred of sport whistles were distributed. Together the massive Singaporeans held up RED CARDs and blew whistles LOUD to the famiLEE LEEgime.


We want the famiLEE LEEgime OUT!

Stop exploiting Singaporeans; stop letting foreigners become our parliament MPs to make laws that exploits Singapoeans; stop paying million dollar salaries to foreigners to be ministers to make policies like throwing sick and old Singaporeans to Batam island of Indonesia to save cost of ageds' care. Khaw Boon Wan isn't the only foreigner MP / minister.

Rep of Singapore belongs to us Singaporeans, not PAp party, not famiLEE LEEgime!

Show them the RED CARDs and take our own country back from their hands!


SDP Web Article LINK

At the end of the rally, a march was conducted with the rally crowd & SDP people, holding a 3 meter width banner which says: FREE Singapore from the LEEs!


Blogger uncleyap said...

Reply on Sammyboymod Forum

In many countries and many parts of the history indeed many major changes of the fate of the nation is not the result of the work of majority of people. It is rather the more active minority that is significantly causing the change / differences.

In society like Singapore, there will be more than 66% who want to have nothing to do with the critical and major changes, wether they like it or dislike it, they just want to have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. They will nither try to help nor to prevent, they will just stay out of the situation and try to keep themselves SAFE.

Lets look at our Singapore's very own short history, and see if any MAJORITY were actively involved in major changes of Singapore's fate:

* British took over this fishing island and colonized Singapore, majority of Malays did nothing to stop them nor help the British, only a minority got some how involved with the process of change.

* Japanese invaded colony Singapore & Malaya, beat the British to surrender. Did any majority of Singaporeans get invovled with defending? Nope! Only a very minor portion either tired to fight Japs or help Japs. [pse note LKy & Nathan both helped Japs and worked for Japs!]

* WW2 over, British [Won] Japs lost, did any majority Singaporeans actively caused it? Nope! They at most had donated some money to fight Japs. British came back and continued colonism, Indoneisa got out of colonism after WW2, But, Singaporeans did nothing much about it. Continue to KowTou to British after Japs lost. LKy & Nathan together served the returned British master.

* Singapore's Self-Rule came. Big Change? But still not the result of work of MAJORITY, It is still a MINORITY, but many were involved. The MAJORITY (could be still more than 66%) don't do anything much about it. They just watched Singapore Self-Ruled.

* Independence & Joint Malayan federation, SAME AS ABOVE, still most people are inactive, only political groups & unions & activists were active. MAJORITY Peasants sat on the fence & watched. Can not be the 66% majority came out to actively caused that.

* Seperation from Malaya federation. SAME AS ABOVE, still most people are inactive, only political groups & unions & activists were active. LKy etc claimed that was their credit bla bla bla... but regardless of his BS & braggings, his group there & Barisan & other groups added up are still less then 66% of Singapoean people at that time. Still it was the minority that CAUSED & CHANGED fate of Singapore.

* Confrantasi & hostality with Indonesia, how many percent of Singapoeans were actively invovled? Most people just want to have nothing to do with it. Just watch the confrontation developed, crisis happened and then became over. Most of the people did nothing about it. They did not caused any changes of made any differences. It was those minority who were actively causing the nation's fate to go up and down.


You look again at HongKong where on 1.July.2003 500,000 HongKongers marched and cause CEO TungCheeWah to be replaced. OK big number, big campaign, big result, sure! But is that half a million people the MAJORITY of HongKong? Nope! HK population is about 6-7 million. Unless over 3 million HongKongers were marching then it will be majority, half million is surely still the minority.


You look however, at Taiwan's downing of KMT regime, it was by democratic vote / election. You can only said that majority had decided that Ah Bian be president. Because the presidential election let every Taiwanese go to poll.


What did I illustrated with history here?

That especially in an undemocratic society, the major changes and decision of national fate ISN'T GOING TO BE BY MAJORITY. It is usually by MINORITY. Taiwan's case was because there was already democracy, thus the majority had chance to be involved.

In less democratic HongKong, 500,000 people involved. In colonial Singapore and Japanese occupied Singapore, the people couldn't do anything much, majority also can not help themself.


Even in America's Independence War & Civil Wars, it was just minority being involved in the birth of USA, not majority. Vietnam War & Korean War didn't involved USA's majority, Gulf War and 911 & Iraq, also same, it is not the result of over 50% of US citizens. It is minority still. Although US's system provided that citizens can have many ways to do things to affect the fate of nation, most Americans still don't choose to be very active in taking part. They did very little about these things that happened sigificantly in their nation's fate.


The answer is I don't think any 66% is really handicap. I don't expect them to be very helpful nor causing prevention to change that Singapore is going to face and go through.

It is unlike election some times in which Singapore styled 100% compulsory polling is not common around the world. In many many elections elsewhere not even 66% of voters turned up to cast their votes, they just don't even borther to.

I belive more than 66% of Singaporeans are still not going to get involved in downing of LKy famiLEE LEEgime, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT WON'T HAPPEN when majority will do nothing.

Singapore went through struggle of downing of LimYewHock's temp govt, in which also not a big majority of Singaporean peasants were actively involved. They just don't care and don't know much, and don't want to get involved. Even poll also not all turn up to vote.

As long as among those who actively get involved, the are more strength with those who seek to change than those who try to prevent the change, then change will just take place, with the MAJORITY watching on the fense and not getting themselve involved in any way.

My call now is to end LKy famiLEE LEEgime via their corruptions in election. As long as there are more people against their crimes then supportive with their crimes, famiLEE LEEgime will fall by their own crimes, according to their own law. The court can be with famiLEE, but as long as it's unjust findings are not being supported, and there are sufficient people with sense of justice to disrespect that, the famiLEE LEEgime is not going to be able to be held up by a corrupted kangaroo court.


We all just know that the emperor is naked and have no new clothes, including the 66% & the famiLEE themselves plus their court!

How far more can the myth strech itself and for how long time?

9:20 AM  
Blogger uncleyap said...

Original Sammyboy MSG Here

That day 5.May I was scheduled 3rd last speaker to have 25 mins, sufficient of a mother of all defamation, but KNN all the dozen of speakers before me all dragged their allocated time, and MC Micheal had to cut my 25mins to 20 to 15, to 12 then to 8, but ended up 7mins.

I wasn't delivering even 1/3 of my preparations in the end.

I was to poke Khaw Boon Wan this way:

*: Cowboy hat = Khaw said he took his hat off to the NKF

*: LKy let foreigners come in to INVADE Singapore, be MP, be minister, be the officers making our national policies, Malaysian Khaw from Penang is one of them. He made policy like kicking us Singaporeans OUT of our own land to Batam's old folks' homes.

*: That is LKy let foreigners come in to make million$ salaries, enrich themselves, be powerful ministers, make policies to exploit us, they get richer & richer, while we Singaproeans gets poorer & poorer. It used to be that we [Can afford only to die, but not to be ill], Now their policy KICKs us out of Singapore when we are old.

*: That is LKy let Singapore be INVADED and occupied by self-enriching foreigners, TAKE OVER our Singapore, we get kicked out of Singapore after a life long of exploitations!?

*: This is WAR! We are being invaded by foreigners! Defend your country!

*: RED CARD to PAp tomorrow (6.May), take them OUT before they take us out of Singapore, take them out before we get too ill, too old, and helplessly be evicted from our own land.

*: Use your ballots tomorrow to do it! (Ballots are your red cards), vote PAp OUT!

*: Raise your Red Cards NOW, Blow your Whistles, shout PAp OUT! Khaw Boon Wan OUT!

*: Thank you!

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