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Reformist must focus on the ACTIVE MINORITY

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It was originally my own wrong impression too that Gandhi led the large majority to oust British, the great mahatma spent long decades of his life fighting, marching, went in prison, travel, hunger strike etc. But in those days even getting from a place to another in India is slow & long and painful, telephone are uncommon, no GSM no internet, no fax, very few TV, and even radios are not affordable by most. And if any, British also control the media. Gandhi indeed only led the minority to move against British,

British is also even a smaller minority in India, they got about 100K British troops and Ang Moh mata tau against hundred millions Indians. If Gandhi had a million followers of various level of involvement moved by himself, it is still a 10:1 advantage against the British forces.

However, 1 million active Indians around mahatma Gandhi is indeed a MINORITY among the few hundred million INACTIVE Indians.

Like I had learn, and happily sharing with all, MAJORITY are always politically inactive. It is the POLITICALLY ACTIVE MINORITY that had caused all the difference in any country any society and any part of history (mostly). From 1st world to 3rd world from past to future.


Why am I repeatedly pointing this out?

I am asking all the reformists and APs not to set wrong focus on wrong targets in Singapore's inert majority, for votes may be there is effect - only due to the COMPULSORY POLL system. But again, not the way; not the direction; not the key to change Singapore. Our country is far from being able to be change by vote. Even after famiLEE LEEgime is finished and after all our people had perished still will not be able to change by vote.

LKy setup his corrupted system this way that it can not be changed by vote. We had fought for 25 years since Anson, how many AP seats so far in parliament? Try another 25 years this same way? famiLEE LEEgime will self-destruct sooner than that and many of our friends and families will be also gone before 25 years, and still no gain if we worked by votes.

Voting & Democracy & Freedom & Independent Judiciary & Transparency & Accountability & Free Press & Free Union worked so many times better than Singapore in Taiwan, & yet they found that they had to campaign so hard like now to oust a president who had been re-elected in only 2004/2005. This shows that their very much well established poll & election system can not give them what they want.

Who are we to think Singapore's poll system will work for us?

We are indeed very far from that. The way to change is NOT by majority vote, but by strongly affecting the MOST ACTIVE MINORITY SEGMENT.

Key is here, and essence is here too.

PAp is a minority in Singapore, but had totally controlled this island for how many decade? How many members does PAp have? How many percent of Singapore's population are PAp members?

How many people is within the royal famiLEE?

Is our Majority in control or these bloody minority in control of us all?

I don't have to say further.

In Singapore, adding up all the PAppies, the SDA, the SDP, the WP & all their most active supporters together at most makes 5%-10% of our 4 million Singaporeans. Thats' all the players we have to decide the result of this game.

The other 90%-95% are not active and will remain so, and will NEITHER CAUSE NOT PREVENT ANY CHANGE. They are the Majority. They will remain in hands-off state regardless what happened.

Yes sure they have RIGHTS, but they are fearful to even recognize their own rights not to say exercise that. They will remain so regardless how you try to change them, PAp can also change them not, we neither, it seems to me even god / heaven will not change them. And even another hundred years after now will still be so.

My point isn't to tell APs to undermine them, but not to wrongly expect any much change of them, they will neither help us nor PAp. Even when they were to all perish, they won't do anything drastic to help their own fate. If Japs army during WW2 were to escort 90% of such Singaporeans to be all shot by machine guns few of them will put up much resistance.

Hitler executed millions of Jews also very small fraction had put up a fight.

I ask Singaporean reformists; activists; APs all to set focus on the 5%-10% most active minority of our country for the movement to change. That is all we need to focus on. The final result will be decided by WHO GETS THE MOST OF THIS 5%-10%, either LKy or us.

The final result will be set by this. The other 90%-95% majority either happy with it or not, it is their nature to just go along and MOVE-ON!

To the peasants, I only have this to say, if you want to have your rights as a citizen, don't just wait for the ballot or progress package and vote, and do nothing else. You can do more than that, YES you can, everyone can. Weather you do it or not, it will put you out from the 90%-95% & put yourself within the 5%-10%. Either you go with famiLEE LEEgime or go against them them with us, it is your own choice. Pse do your own bit as a citizen and not like a passive passenger.

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