Monday, September 25, 2006


It is almost text-book-style line I kept reading or hearing reformists declare that they are only addressing the faulty system wanting that to be fixed, as well as the declaration that they are not targeting any individual opponents.

I think this mindset is not realistic particularly for corrupted Asia to be reformed. I would like to state here how I would like to deffer with the above.

It is the individual or groups of culprits that need to be fixed the rather than the system, in most Aisan scenarios of reform.

While pretending to be addressing political issues instead of individual political opponents may be a handy technique, it mislead the public and defocus some very important needs to convict and punish the culprits for future prevention as well as setting examples.

The decoy approach actually avoided the actual corrupted culprits, and shifted the blames to the system. This seriously compromize the effectiveness of the actual solution. To a certain extend it can totally defeat the whole purpose of the reform, and cause the corruption problem to prolong, and allowed the corrupted culprits to continue being corrupt and hide safely behind the system.

My philosophy is simple:
  • There is no Corrupted System unless there are Corrupted Culprits behind them.
  • Even when there was a Corrupted System it would not be exploited if the people in control are upright and uncorrupted.
  • If the people in control were upright and uncorrupted, they will correct unfair or flawed system, instead of exploiting the system.
  • When Corrupted Culprits are in control, they will modify and corrupt any perfect system for their own exploitation and protection. LKy's famiLEE LEEgime is example.
  • When Corrupted Culprits could get away unpunished by blaming the system, there is no end to corruption problem, re-occurence is assured.
  • When Corrupted Culprits get caught and punished, good examples are set for the future culprits as deterrence
Personally, I feel that it sounds hypocratical to claim that we just want to improve the system, and not out to destroy a political opponent. I like to get real.

In a country like Singapore in which a single individual or famiLEE is in total political control for more than 40 years since the beginning, it is obvious to me that LKy absolutely need to tailor a corrupted system of control; maniplulation & self-protection in order to rule with all his own limitations and incompetence. Without this system of corruption, he is unable to run his show and produce his results. It is due to his own limitations and high ego, he absolutely need the unfair advantage of a corrupted system in order to get himself this far.

The problem that needs to be fixed is LKy himself, not actually his system.

But his system eventually became a regional problem, when other Asian corrupted culprits began to copycat The LKy's system, and mongrels like Thaksin want to duplicate it in Thailand via Thai Rak Thai.

The fix needed by Asian reformists, is however still on the corrupted culprits, instead of the system.

Thailand's military coup a week ago, did exactly that. And I strongly applause the removal of Thaksin.

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