Monday, October 30, 2006

My protest against Corrupted Election

My hunger strike is to be made against the GE2006 Frauds including particularly Vote Buying.

It includes all the oppressive bullies against SDP including Defamation suits & Police Harrassments such as the 8 charges I am facing & similar charges against Dr Chee & Ghandi.

Not just limited to SDP, I am also protesting the oppresive arrest of WP's James Gormes.

Just a clearification for now, that my hunger strike isn't just against the 8 charges faced by myself, rather it is a protest against a huge collection of bloody stinking corrupted election frauds, consisting of:

  • nation-wide vote buying corruption
  • unjust election judge lawsuit
  • govt sworn in illegally while corrupted election was pending court hearing
  • CPIB (Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau) REFUSED to probe vote buying
  • abusive defemation suits against SDP
  • bankrupting Dr CSJ to just prevent him from campaigning
  • police harrassments against SDP
  • vicious 146th dirty media campaign against SDP
  • 8 Public Entertainment Charges against Dr CSJ
  • 8 Public Entertainment Charges against myself
  • 1 Public Entertainment Charge against Mr Ghandi
  • Arresting James Gormes of Workers Party
Please click this URL for PDF file of Procecutions Evidence Transcripts of our speeches at Chong Pang Village 22 April, which is the day when 146th 1st reported about old dog thief LKy's lawyers begining to sue SDP. The parliament already resolved, and pending normination for GE. It was a Saturday morning. SDP was doing a Walk-About just like all other parties on that day.

Please read it and see for yourself weather such serious Eleciton matters can be deem ilLEEgal by Singapore mata & charged in court under Public Entertainment Act? Are elections entertainment? Since when?

The only thing SDP doing differently was selling The New Democrats apart from other parties.


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