Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kangaroo Courts commands no respect

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Contempt to Kangaroo Court is necessary.

I respect every country's judiciary on the basis that it is the collective representation of their people's spirit for justice and fairness in arbitration. Unfortunately in many cases the entrusted officers conduct their duty in betrayal of their people's spirit for justice and fairness, and Singapore's Kangaroo Court is one such example.

Even the supreme court is not above it's people's power, because the judiciary power always belongs to the people, and had only been assigned to court, weather being abused or not the power still belongs to the people. The people is the higher court of all in their own country.

Above the people, it is their god or heaven which ever their religon may apply, to be the next higher court.


I will show ture defiance & contempt to the famiLEE LEEgime.

I may begin hungerstrike even in the middle of trail proceedings.

I will cite that my protest is against the entire series of FRAUDS in GE2006, not just the 8 charges I face from the election activities, MOST ESSENTIALLY, the Progress Package VOTE BUYING CORRUPTION. I demand the criminals involving in Nationwide Vote Buying to be brought to Justice ASAP.


I will be wearing this T-shirt to attend court tomorrow:

Front of T-shirt print:

Back of T-shirt print:

(pse click to see the hidden black text)

Dr Chee & Mr Ghandi would mostly be wearing black T-shirts, but I got informed only 30mins ago, already prepared my T-shirt in white. Will wear a black shirt below this T-shirt.


famiLEE LEEgime's Kangaroo Courts already long lost our respects. They misrepresents our Singaproean people's spirit of Justice & Fairness, they betrayed our appointment & trust to them, they function to serve the famiLEE LEEgime instead of the people.

By default, I contempt such court unless it conduct itself to regain and earn my respect. I will answer to Singaporean people about my charges, NOT the Kangaroo Court, they are insignificant to me, this is the attitude I will demonstrate.


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