Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Loyalty 2 Royalty - SAF charged famiLEE's Grandson

The SAF have charged NSF 2LT Li HongYi the grandson of LKy and Son of Ho Jinx & Ass Loong for offenses against SAF regulations over his emails. This is a hidden message from SAF to Singaporeans and that is the way I read it:

SAF's loyalty isn't with the famiLEE Royals. At least, a blind faithed enthusiasm from the SAF to the Royal famiLEE DOES NOT EXIST.

I am quite sure BG Ass Loong & BG Ah Yang both had made minor mistakes in their own days in the SAF, but we are not aware that they had been put on charge - at least not in the news.

It is a mile stone marker here that famiLEE's military Junta will not reach their 3rd generation and it will end in the hands of LKy's Ass Loong Son.


I call that SAF to stand up for Singaporeans instead of famiLEE LEEgime, SAF belongs to the people just like the Rep of Singapore. SAF isn't owned by PAp nor famiLEE. The Royal famiLEE have no future, Singaporean people will however continue to exist. Be thinking soldiers and decide how do you want to contribute to Rep of Singapore. Thai military help the Thais to remove Thaksin, SAF is in the best position to help Singaporean peasants!


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