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Lets show the LEEgime OUR REACTIONS, since they are concerned!

It had always been the imbecilic policy of famiLEE LEEgime to BAR & BAN & DODGE & SWEPT UNDER CARPET ANY SUBJECT regarding Race & Religion. That is only because the incompetent famiLEE LEEgime is afraid to face these issues, and feel deeply insecure and completely lack confident to offer any of the necessary leadership and handle the situation as and when it is needed.

The subtle message from Ah Seng here is "We are Watching You so you better Shut Up!"

The famiLEE LEEgime Banned the discussion on these issues as they had considered them TABOO all these decades. These issues are banned at Speaker Corner; Main Stream Media; Academic as well as Cyber-Space although their control is lost in Cyber-Space. They had charged several bloggers hoping to intimidate the others to stick to their corrupted & incompetent TABOO, which corruptly compromised Singaporeans' need to express and interact as well as address these primarily important issues.

In my view, it is an unavoidable stage before the fall of BN Regime that UMNO will pull out this card of Race & Religion to be abused as a TRUMP over it opponents. This had all along throughout the past decades been THE deep fear of Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew. And the present timing is EXCELLENT for the old dog as he will eventually get to see what he had been avoiding all these years, before the old dog thief's carcass gets mummified.

This UMNO TRUMP is something LKy couldn't get past, and was game he played and lost to Tunku Abdul Rahman / UMNO, this is THE fall this old bastard could not get up from.

Ah Seng is right about one thing, that is majority of people will be calm about it, and there are other facts which Ah Seng did not point out, including most politicians are not afraid to face it with the exclusive exception of PAp.

I can see that Malaysians are courageous enough to face the change and it's necessary prices. Like any other countries if the people had to go through something that they had been avoiding but they knew that the time had finally arrived, they have to bravely go through it and had it done with for once and for all.

However, for the cowardly and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime, they will pussy-foot every step all the time on everything and this is their signature style. Ah Seng had used the classical famiLEE LEEgime terms of MINEFIELD & ERUPTION & SERIOUSNESS etc to describe their own fears. As attacks are spreading in Malaysia I can not see any Malaysian politician sharing this sort of imbecilic attitude of avoidance across the causeway.

I can not recall in any speech or political statement did the famiLEE once dare used the world Allah all these years, to state their own position. You read it more than once in the following CNA how was the word Allah carefully quoted and phrased to study the attitude of famiLEE LEEgime. :-)

I urge the Netizens to exercise expressions and views, and show it to the famiLEE LEEgime, and let them MONITOR like they said. I think the Netizens are more mature than famiLEE LEEgime, even if there were a few who wants to take things to extreme, it would not affect the majority. Let assure Ah Seng that Mas Selamat is alive and well in Malaysian ISD and he can safely got to bed every night. Lets show the famiLEE LEEgime that their Taboo is stupid and silly and childish.



Govt monitoring Singaporeans' reactions to church attacks in Malaysia
By Hoe Yeen Nie, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 17 January 2010 1742 hrs

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Wong Kan Seng

SINGAPORE: The government is monitoring ground reactions here after recent attacks on places of worship in Malaysia.

Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng said ground reactions in Singapore have largely been calm.

In recent weeks there were attacks on churches in Malaysia after the High Court allowed a Catholic newspaper to use the word 'Allah' to denote God.

"I think Singaporeans must have a care not to bring problems like this to themselves," said DPM Wong at a community event in Singapore on Sunday.

"We live in an inter-connected world, we cannot be divorced from what happens in other countries. But at the same time we must be rational, and examine: when we bring such problems to our shores, what are we trying to do? Are we trying to express sympathy only, or will doing so result in more problems for our own community?"

Race and religion have always been seen as a potential minefield in Singapore.

And it's a perennial concern of authorities that if such issues are not handled quickly and carefully, they could erupt into something more serious.

With more immigrants coming to Singapore, efforts are being made to help new citizens and permanent residents understand the nation's ethnic realities.

For example, the National Integration Council will launch the Singapore Citizenship Journey in March this year.

The online programme will give information on Singapore's cultures, values and key institutions.

Mr Wong said: "Those who come here to make a living, to make this their home, ought to understand the local context and not allow what happens in their own home to affect what happens in Singapore."

Ethnic realities also mean that race-based policies will remain.

On the recent move to allow a person's mixed heritage to be recorded in official papers, Mr Wong said it is to give such individuals a choice. Whether that choice is exercised or not, it is up to them.

- CNA/ir

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Forum Posting on famiLEE LEEgime's Rotten Policy in Racial & Religious Harmony

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虽然内政部亮绿灯允许回教林组织明日举办集会,抗议高庭允许天主教周刊《先锋报》马来文版使用“阿拉”字眼 的裁决,但是国会反对党领袖安华却呼吁公众勿出席明日的集会,因为这场争议应该透过对话的方式解决,而不是 继续煽动宗教及种族情绪。






安华指出,许多国际知名的回教学者都同意,回教允许基督徒使用“阿拉”字眼。不过他承认,国内回教徒的担忧 也是合理的,因为历史上曾发生基督徒滥用“阿拉”的字眼向回教徒传教的事件。

他主张必须分开处理这两项课题,并呼吁回教徒与非回教徒坐下来对话解决问题,而不是继续煽动宗教与种族情绪 。



“我肯定不鼓励,我的意见是你必须讨论,这是非常严肃的课题,涉及信仰,涉及回教徒和非回教徒。重要的是我 们必须加强了解,而不是在两个宗教社群之间散播不满和仇恨,这点非常关键。”




“我没有质疑任何人和平集会的权利,我质疑的是内政部的虚伪和矛盾,该部只协助举办他们所要的集会,但是却 殴打其他让他们感觉不舒适的和平集会。”

安华也不忘点出首相纳吉矛盾的立场,“一方面你允许示威,另一方面你呼吁保持冷静,两者明显有 出入”。

虽然纳吉日前疾呼各造保持冷静,不过在今早却符合内政部的说法,声称政府无法阻止回教徒明日在周五祈祷之后 于回教堂举行示威抗议。


另外,安华也将争议矛头指向“阿拉”案的当事人内政部,抨击该部在问题萌生早期,就应召集各宗教代表对话解 决争议,但却疏于职守,才酿成今日的风波。

“目前的阶段,我们能够做的就是呼吁冷静,让宗教机构、学者、回教组织与非回教组织,展开坦然的交流,这是 最佳的方式。”


安华是今早在吉隆坡回教法庭入禀口供书后,受询及“阿拉”字眼使用权的风波时,发表上述的意见 。

不过,他不愿正面回应本身是否支持高庭的裁决,仅是强调内政部早前没有召集各教代表对话明显失 职。

受询及民联是否须应表达共同立场,以及回教党早前表达的立场,安华并没有直接给予回答,只表示“我可以向他 们查询”。

There is no coincident that I share the same attitude as Mr. Anwar towards racial and religious subjects, because that is the right attitude, and that is where LKy is very very wrong.

The taboo and ban against healthy and sensible discussion and exchanges is a naive evading strategy that famiLEE LEEgime had adopted in Singapore for the entire past under the control of incompetent famiLEE & PAp.

The exact opposite must be done, that is open frank serious and sincere exchanges and dialogs, sensible discussion, with cool and reasonable plus most importantly mutually respectful mindsets of matured and educated citizens.

The true meaning and value of LEADERSHIP (instead of LEEdership) here is to be able to affect necessary sensible and helpful influence into sensitive and important racial and religious harmony issues. This is the expected functions which political leaders hold their position for, and this is where our MILLION DOLLAR MINISTER HAD FAILED and DOUCHED DUTIES - by banning these subjects from being raised, and made them Taboo and completely swept under carpet to become a dangerous time bomb for Singaporean society.

Mr. Anwar had exhibited the quality of leadership which is clearly lacked by Lee Kuan Yew and all his million dollar ministers.

I particularly want to point out that LKy had made these subjects Taboo everywhere on media, TV, Speakers Corner, educational or academic debates, by laws and regulations, and the corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime punished people who raised these subjects. WHY? Because LKy is fearful and feeling absolutely insecure because he have no quality nor ability to provide the necessary leadership in these important areas.

As such, he is evasive and self-deceptive in total avoidance from these areas. He had always fear that someone would light up this dynamite inside his asshole where he is incapable of extinguishing the fuse. His stupid and rotten corrupt policy did Singapore in. This is corrupted and selfish because he tailored Singapore's law and system to suit his own incompetence and fear.

The Republic of Singapore belongs to us the citizens and not the PAp nor the famiLEE LEEgime, the system and law here are to be made to suit and serve the people instead of the corrupted and incompetent rulers.

In every country of this world there is Racial & Religious Issues to be dealt with, and uniquely Singapore the famiLEE LEEgime had always adopted evasion and Taboo citing risk of uncontrollable disputes as excuses. I point out that does not happen in other countries most of the time as their Non-Million-Dollar governments and leaders could handle these issues and moderate the interactions between people within a reasonably peaceful atmosphere. Very obviously the famiLEE LEEgime and Lee Kuan Yew is incompetence as well as fearful to face this challenge and discharge their seriously important duties.

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