Re: Yingluck Shinawatra wins by a landslide as Abhisit conceded defeat

The vote is only a poll.

It is not final - as far as Thais are concerned especially.

There are many possibilities depending on weather the other camp accept this result or not:

  • They may go to court citing frauds and cheating. Demand to void this result.
  • They may find fault with legitimacy of candidate Yingluck & the party.
  • They may initiate a military coupe against this poll out come.
  • They may initiate a Yellow Shirt Campaign to oust Yingluck.

None of the above is new, they had all happened before.

Very narrow and limited minds of Singaporeans may not be able to cope with the such reality like Thailand. Which is sad for Singaporeans not the Thais.

I can safely state that even if Abhisit won this poll, his position isn't final unless Red Shirt gave up. They did it before, they can do again, any time, deaths isn't stopping them.

This is what I call vigour & persistent political spirit. Defiance against arbitrary (alien) un-native system and political culture - aka election system. This is something that Thai people are respectable about.

They don't blindly follow rules and system, especially western (foreign) political culture. They know their own interest, and they won't compromise their interest, just to respect a foreign system. Their own historic political system is feudalism dynasty, they love their king - but this is beside the point.

The point is, and on the contrary to Thais in SG, our peasants will blindly follow any system imposed on them, weather it is from LEEgime or remained from previous colonial masters. Unlike Singaporeans, Thais gives priority to their own interest and own tradition, and most importantly - own NEEDS, the Election System (foreign political tradition) is secondary (and experimental) to them. They will try to conduct election and see if that can solve their problems or not, if it does not, they will retract back to their own traditional ways.

On the other hand, Singaporeans just constantly seek rules to follow, and without rules, Singaporeans are at total lost! And they start to complain that "OMG! There is no rule, no system!" If LEEgime did not impose a system to rule them in certain aspects, they will comply with any foreign system or rule especially Western - BLINDLY! Even when they had made themselves total suckers, they will still suck on, happily feeling satisfied and secure - sucking.