Friday, June 03, 2011

A true Rep Of Singapore President instead of famiLEE's butler Nor eunuch

The Republic of Singapore President must never be an emasculated servant compliant to famiLEE. This is more so after old dog theif Lee Kuan Yew ceased to be part of the cabinet after 50 years of ruthless reign. June 2011 is Republic of Singapore's first presidential election, and the very first after Lee Kuan Yew's era and very first after 2011's watershed General Election. Therefore, the presidential candidates are to be expected to state their ability to uphold their own backbones against famiLEE, and no longer be a famiLEE butler nor eunuch.

This would be intolerable.

Not any more.

Not from now on.

Republic of Singapore belongs to it's Citizens not famiLEE, not Ass Loong Son nor his ex-MM daddy.

Presidential candidates have to be expected to be expressively clear on their own positions, to the voters in this presidential election.

Wrongly electing another Butler / Eunuch for famiLEE in this presidential election will send Singapore a great step backwards after GE2011. And voters are to take this matter very seriously.

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