All political parties are suppose to renew itself in both membership and leadership in order to extend it's own live into the future. Old must go and be replaced by new, this is metabolism of political parties.

famiLEE LEEgime is only pretending to have healthy metabolism by introducing new candidates and purging out their old dogs.

However in reality, it is very very very sick, because LKy old dog thief is the oldest piece of crap stuck forever within their own rectum like world's worst case of constipation.

Now matter how nor what so called New Blood nor new candidates nor replacement they faked to be taking place, that oldest piece of shit is still painfully stuck in their asshole.
That being LKy 100%, that being GCT also.

So MM & SM what 'M' are all actually 'M' for Manure !

Whatever the famiLEE LEEgime eat or puke (in terms of candidates), they will still die of Constipation, there is no cure unless like what I said in my 22.Mar.2011 video that old dog thief got shipped in a box to Mandai crematorium.