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63 years old Dilma Vana Rousseff is sworn into presidency for Brazil yesterday 1.Jan.2011, the first woman as Brazilian President. From 3 years imprisonment behind bars and being tortured with electrical shocks as a captured Guerrilla Warrior who fought to overthrow dictatorship of previous Brazilian gorvernance.

She has Marxist-Leninist background, and were member of at least 2 different Guerrilla forces including National Liberation Commandos and VAR Palmares. She was captured with arms and sent to prison (1970-1972) and tortured. She joined party politics in 1980s.

Rousseff was Chief of Staff of Brazil between 2005-2010, and Minister of Mines and Energy 2003-2005.

I think she is a representation of fighter of strong political will, fighting oppressors from the very bottom all the way to the very top.

Her success story will encourage fighters globally. :)

Yahoo News Quote:
Rousseff sworn in as Brazil's new president

By BRADLEY BROOKS, Associated Press – Sat Jan 1, 5:01 pm ET
BRASILIA, Brazil – From torture in a dictatorship-era jail cell to the helm of Latin America's largest nation, it's been an unlikely political rise for President Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist rebel turned career technocrat who claimed Brazil's seat of power Saturday.

In becoming the country's 36th president, Rousseff pulled off a feat nearly unthinkable a year ago when the relative unknown was tapped by then-President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to be the ruling Workers Party candidate.

She swept into office on the back of Silva's near universal adoration in Brazil.

"I am going to consolidate the transformative work done by President Lula," said Rousseff, 63, during a 40-minute inaugural address. "He changed the way the government is run and led the people to trust in themselves."

2011年01月02日 10:55:30  来源: 新华网 【字号 留言打印关闭

1月1日,在巴西首都巴西利亚的总统府高原宫,巴西新总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(左)与前任总统卢拉执手相望。当天下午,巴西新一届总统就职典礼在巴西利亚举 行,在去年的总统选举第二轮投票中获胜的劳工党候选人迪尔玛·罗塞夫正式宣誓就职,成为巴西历史上首位女总统。新华社/圣保罗通讯社








  她先后出任阿雷格里港市财政局长和南里约格朗德州能源厅厅长。 thread URL


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