Sunday, April 18, 2010

old dog thief: Embrace Migrants; peasants: Repudiate LEEgime!

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Apr 18, 2010

Embrace migrants: MM Lee

MM renews call for greater integration of new, highly educated migrants in society

Singapore must not shy away from embracing new, highly educated migrants, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said yesterday. --ST PHOTO: CHUA CHIN HON

SINGAPORE must not shy away from embracing new, highly educated migrants, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said yesterday.

Re-stating his view on the issue, he said Singapore would continue to need overseas talent to drive its economic dynamo.

Pointing to the first quarter growth of 13.1 per cent and revised government projections of 7 per cent to 9 per cent growth for the year, he said this was 'a big turnaround from our most difficult period in early 2009'.

With the outlook for the global economy now brighter, sustaining Singapore's long-term prospects meant the country needed to grow as an attractive hub for international trade, investment and talent.

'That was how we grew from a fishing village to a trading post under the British, and now a vibrant metropolis,' he said. 'We benefited from being open to immigrants from around the world, especially China, India and the region.'

He said while first-generation migrants might find it difficult to take on local habits and accents, their families would be naturalised.

LKy the old dog thief is recalling peasants to EMBRACE MIGRANTS, he is actually referring to EMBRACING HIS POLICY WHICH HAD BEEN REJECTED BY ANGRY PEASANTS!

He is out of luck.

Even his LEEgime's dogs are rejecting this most seriously failed policy.

A serious failure that will be REPUDIATED over and over by Singaporeans including the NEW CITIZENS. Because it FAILED SO BADLY, both the NEW & EXISTING CITIZENS SUFFERED.

The fact that Old Dog Thief himself & his son & his LEEgime minions can not convince Singaporeans to accept migrants is by itself the prove that New Citizens Had Suffered Rejection. And by that fact, they had been the victims of this failed policy as well. There is no way to deny this.

My angle on this issue must be again highlighted. I recognize the fact that Singapore had been built up my migrants since the colonial eras, and Singapore in the past including era when Old Dog Thief himself was PM had benefited from successful immigration policies. But this success had already turned into LEEgime's biggest failure of all time, in the hands of Ass Loong Son.

It is clearly a failure and rejected policy right now. It is clearly entirely not the same as the past, not the same effects; not the same scale; not the same pace; not the same atmosphere. It ruined the past success in the same area, and the damage can last for a very long time, it will mostly last longer than the LEEgime, and prolong to hurt post-LEEgime Singapore that post-LEEgime government will have to be hampered by this burden and find it hard to regain successful immigration policy due to factors such as acceptance.

For the most immediate future, famiLEE LEEgime will get REPUDIATION from Singaporeans, both the new and original citizens due to this terrible failure.

This failure came directly of their childish greedy goal of increasing Singaporean population level to 6.5 million within just few years, from 3-4 million, while local birth rates declined drastically, and citizens migrated elsewhere in large scale abandoning LEEgime. The consequence is obvious and the stupidity of LEEgime is astonishing.

Tell the new migrants:

The policy of famiLEE LEEgime EXPLOIT and BETRAY and followed by REPLACING their citizens.
In due time, there will be newer migrants from other parts of the world to REPLACE the current New Migrants after they had been EXPLOITED & BETRAYED by famiLEE LEEgme. It is just a matter of time, based on our true experience.


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