Sunday, April 04, 2010

A lesson from Thailand - Singaporeans to learn

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There had been 4 PMs since Thug-Sin, there is no peace since his ouster, which was said to be bloodless coupe. But today blood is spilled everywhere from Government office to Party HQ.

Singaporeans should learn from this painful experience of Thais that avoiding blood and price not fully paid, will not yield the finality of the necessary change. Thug-Sin was not eliminated, and they had let him run. Until today, he and his dogs will return to hound Thailand round after round. From imposing one puppet PM to another (Samak then Somchai). Until today that Abhisit is still yet completed with the task to liquidate Thug-sin's gang.

The accumulated prices is much greater and higher than it would had been if they had liquidated Thug-Sin in a blooded military coupe for once and for all. It would had been long over already. Chinese say 长痛不如短痛。 That is precisely what it meant.

The whole point is to apply this consideration and lesson when liquidating Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew's famiLEE LEEgime, you want to have it done thoroughly for once and for all and not over so many years. Thug-Sin was ousted in 2006 and today is 2010, that traitor is still playing lots of games after buying British football team and eat Bak Kut Teh with the famiLEE LEEgime here. He is still selling the Thai's national interest to enemy Hun Sen in Cambodia, there is still no sight of ending.

If Singaporeans don't have resolve and guts to do it for once and for all, then better leave it to those with a stronger minds and hands to get it done, and forget it, don't cry humanity or democracy and prolong the whole change. Thailand today is the example for best comparison.

When famiLEE LEEgime run away with funds in exile, and stir shit from outside of Red Dot like Thug-Sin, Singaporeans will be in exactly same or worst state then present Thais.

The rot have to go and a price have to be paid. I said this since a long time back.


Democrat Abhisit's style have a long way to go to fix problems.

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Blogger uncleyap said...

Democracy is a perfect system but only for the perfect scenario it will be good, our misfortune however is that our world is far from perfect. I consider those noble people who want just to impose Democracy irregardless of our imperfect reality as idealists.

Democracy is perfect when every aspect can be satisfactory to everyone, when there is sufficient resources, intelligence, integrity, trust, respect, love, time, space, and even music is nice, that is when Democracy will work perfectly.

In our ugly reality, there are lots of selfish coward and greedy people, there are exploiting bastards, there are traitors, morons, tyrant, scums, crooks, liars..... then problems will run just deeper and deeper with Democracy.

When things gets even worst, in emergency crisis, wars, mass disasters, mass epidemics, massive famine, everyone is too desperate, and real hell broke lose, then Democracy will make solutions the furthest from possible. That is why Democracy can NEVER be within the military.

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