Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Impressed? Ah Seng went GREEN on RECYCLING lame duck ISD

Entire episode of paster Rony Tan & Buddhism & famiLEE LEEgime's Lame Duck ISD is staged as a RECYCLING EXERCISE to RECYCLE their Defunct Scarecrow (Paper Tiger) ISD after Ah Seng's baby MSK fled.

Ah Seng is desperately trying to prolong the myth on USEFULNESS of ISD by this Paster / Buddhism Stun.

I say the entire recycling exercise is lame and not at all useful for Greener Planet Earth nor Global Warming.

FamiLEE LEEgime can shaft it & Ah Seng is still at great risk at Toa Payoh Bishan GRC, famiLEE please find another Cousin-in-law beside Ah Seng before nomination day or split Toa Payoh Bishan GRC into several single seats to minimize losses.


Please Ah Seng.. We all knew that JI & Oppositions are already unafraid of your ISD, and even JI is a very soft target, and yet you have to stoop so low to harass the church & Buddhists? Can you leave them alone and try to find the tropical casinos inside our jungles? They are passing off your LEEgime's latest IR business you know?


Feb 9, 2010

Insensitive comments made

Pastor called up by ISD

Leader of independent church apologises to Buddhists and Taoists

THE Government called up a Christian church leader yesterday after receiving complaints about online video clips that show him making insensitive comments about Buddhism.

The Internal Security Department yesterday met Senior Pastor Rony Tan, founder of the Lighthouse Evangelism independent church, and told him that what he did was wrong.

Last night, he posted an apology on the church's website, promising to respect other faiths and 'not ridicule them in any way, shape or fashion'.

The video clips, which first appeared on the church's website two weeks ago, showed Pastor Tan questioning two church members as they recounted their past experiences as Buddhists.

In the exchanges, some of Pastor Tan's comments - on Buddhist precepts of rebirth, karma and nirvana - drew laughter from his audience.

The Ministry of Home Affairs said last night that his comments were 'highly inappropriate and unacceptable as they trivialised and insulted the beliefs of Buddhists and Taoists'.

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