Tuesday, December 29, 2009

MFA George Yeo must Demand Applogy from Romanian Government for Irresponsible Fatal Car Crash

Nothing is clearer than it is the duty and responsibility of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister George Yeo to uphold the Rights and Justice for Singaporean citizens and users of public roads, to demand an apology and urge the Romanian Government to take responsibility to losses and damages caused by their Diplomatic Minister Silviu Ionescu who had shamefully fled after a car accident on our roads which resulted in fatality and injuries to our people.

Although the deceased is Malaysian but Singaporeans were injured.

Under the diplomatic immunity treaty the diplomat can not be prosecuted nor sued for damages, however Ministry of Home Affairs and Minister George Yeo can make such demands via diplomatic channels. Since there is no prosecution in the view diplomatic solution is the only one left available.

The ball is in George Yeo's court, it is your ministry, during your watch, please discharge your ministerial duty and service our country and the people.

It is not Wong Kan Seng's duty this time, because it involves diplomatic Minister & diplomatic vehicle. MHA can only investigate, after which MFA must take over from there.

Can Ministry of Foreign Affairs keep quiet about this matter?

Singaporean voters and citizens must demand the government of the day to address this matter and safeguard our interest appropriately.

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