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retraining: UNIQUELY famiLEE LEEgime a track record of Imbecilic Failures

Recently Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew had again mention about RETRAINING Singaporeans. Something that is very uniquely famiLEE LEEgime in the entire world. The old dog said:

To do well in the next five years, we must raise skills across the board, have more enterprise innovation, and a restructuring of our industries. Restructuring means those companies that have good management will expand and go abroad but those that cannot restructure, ie, automate, computerise, retrain workers for higher skills and productivity will lose out to the successful companies who will take over their markets or buy over their companies. Every worker has to be re-skilled, re-trained and re-educated to achieve higher standards of capabilities. A three-way partnership – government, unions and employers can achieve this. The government will provide the schemes like Skills Programme for Upgrading and Resilience (SPUR), Continuing Education and Training (CET) and Jobs Re-creation Programme (JRP). Trade unions, the NTUC must work with government and employers to get workers to use these retraining programmes, to improve their skills and knowledge. Employers must be willing to invest in the retraining and up-skilling of their workforce, encouraging their workers to enrol for these courses and giving them the time to do so. We must work towards achieving these qualities in the next five years.
While famiLEE LEEgime is not unique to have TOTALITARIAN RULE, and within many ex-communist states the regimes plan and implement every aspects of their countries, it is however very unique today that citizens REPEATEDLY get retrained. In communist PRC, Beijing govt had let private sector take increasingly larger role of economic leadership and workers skill & abilities and their economy is prospering better than famiLEE LEEgime.

Following EACH ROUND OF ECONOMIC FAILURE, the famiLEE LEEgime will ask Singaporeans to be RETRAINED for their next round of Egoistic and Far-Fetched GREEDY DREAMS. This Periodic pattern of failure and repetitive retraining began since the era of minion Goh Choke Dong as PM. Then the famiLEE LEEgime had asked Singaporeans to be retrained for Advance Electronic Manufacturing Industries. Only few years down the road when Singapore lost competitiveness to ASEAN countries famiLEE LEEgime asked for retraining to Higher Automation & Productivity. Few more years down the road, when electronics production was near to failure, they called for retraining again to go to Precision Engineering & Life Science. Very soon all that became failures again, they called again for retraining to become Service Industries and admitted that production had completely failed. And they are still continuing to fail and RECYCLE Singaporean's careers and life as I am writing!

When famiLEE LEEgime sank down to the level of ENTERTAINMENT because Service Industry isn't doing well either, they Retrained Singaporeans to be Gambling Dealers for their Casinos. When the famiLEE LEEgime's gambling dens failed, they will again retrain citizens to be male & female prostitutes in their famiLEE LEEgime brothels. :-Z Yes they WILL!

I want to point out that the past record and pattern had proved that these retraining are indeed only RETREATING MEASURES instead of ADVANCEMENTS like the famiLEE & Minions try to make them look like. Uniquely famiLEE LEEgime, they had retreated from one lost economic territory to another and recycled Singaporeans' careers and professionalism rounds after rounds. There is only WASTED TIME + RESOURCES + DAMAGES, they had thrown down the drain the Singaporean people's QUALIFICATIONS; SKILLS; CREDENTIALS; EXPERIENCES; TRACK RECORDS; CAREERS; CONFIDENCE; FAITH & ENTHUSIASM with their works. This is not just one time but a repetitive cycle.

If you checked and compared Singapore against all other successful economies, is there any similar Rapidly Repetitive Retraining happening in the G8 nations?

Not only the past trainings on Singaporeans had gone to waste in very huge extend, these skills are NEVER reusable. I want to point out that in combination with famiLEE LEEgime's other imbecilic policies they are actually squandering huge resources and time and opportunities in these retraining, because the WORKERS mentioned by Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew, actually includes a LARGE PROPORTION OF FOREIGNERS (FTs) within our work force. That means we are spending to retrain Malaysians; Indonesians; Bangladeshis; Burmese; Thais; Vietnamese; Filipinos; Indians & PRC Chinese, instead of just Singaporeans. Most of these people just leave Singapore after they had made their monies from taking Singaporeans jobs. They also take with them skills and trainings which were paid for by us Singaporeans, which also goes down to drain in our national perspective.

There is no long term benefits what so ever, achieved by these retraining. This is because the famiLEE LEEgime CONSTANTLY ABANDONED their failed adventures, which are GREEDY; MYOPIC & EGOISTIC in nature. They plundered and squandered everything along their way.

I need to point out that although these developed skills became wasted here as famiLEE LEEgime abandoned their failures, the foreigners still enjoy them when they go back or proceeded to work elsewhere. One clear example is the skills abilities in electronic manufacturing industries, where hundred thousand Malaysian workers who were trained here spending our funds such as Skill Development Funds are still using these skill in their own homeland as productions shifted to Johore & KL & Penang. This example is not unique, there are too many countries from where people had came here to earn salaries and gain experiences and skills which are lucrative to themselves as well as to their own countries. Construction industries are just another area of examples. In Electricians; Plumbers; Carpenters; Cooks; Telecommunications; etc industries, the famiLEE LEEgime had spent billions of our tax dollars to train millions of foreigners now contributing in competitive economies in areas mostly abandoned by famiLEE LEEgime after each round of failures.

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