Saturday, April 24, 2010

What happened on the eve of Polling GE2006? famiLEE LEEgime now wants COOL OFF DAY!

URL of Original Blog Post in 2006 July on this rally

All the videos below are from Woodlands Stadium between 8pm to 10pm 5th May 2006, which was the final rally before the polling day Saturday 6.May.2006. That means the eve of polling. When temperature is supposed to be the hottest for any GE.

Speech by Human Rights Lawyer Mr. M Ravi:

My speech (I was polling agent) (wrapping up part) RED CARD to oust PAP famiLEE LEEgime by tomorrow's ballots:

Sembawang GRC candidate Mr. Mohd Isa's speech:

Part 1 of GRC Team Leader Miss Chee Siok Chin's speech:

Part 2 of Miss Chee Siok Chin's speech got interrupted by strong cheering as Dr. CSJ arrived at the stadium:

When Dr CSJ arrived:

Dr. CSJ's departure from Woodland Stadium:

A picture is worth thousand words, a video is worth a million words. The lame famiLEE LEEgime fears the elections and particularly far the atmosphere of the rallies, and the final night rallies is usually the hottest of this kind. That is why famiLEE LEEgime is seeking a Cooling Off Day! See it for yourself!

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