Tuesday, July 13, 2010

FLOOD: What is lacked in the Marina Barrage White Elephant?

The best illustration I can find is to use comparisons among existing Singaporean reservoirs.

The illustration using Upper & Lower Pierce Reservoir plus McRitchie Reservoir, indicates how dams were build on originally tiny rivers to flood up their relevant river valleys to form artificial lakes serving as reservoirs. The facts that need to be noted is that large areas were flooded and depth of water increased. The surrounding areas of these water bodies are natural areas instead of urban city. In other words in case of heavy rain fall, some amount of additional flood areas that become submerged after heavy rainfall are OK within these areas, because they are not urban city areas.

But what about Orchard Road?

The Marina Barrage's White Elephant Absolutely DID NOT designed for any additional flood area to be expanded from Singapore River & Kallang River, to hold additional water (regardless rain or shine) after the structure cut-off flow of water from these rivers into sea.

To highlight this point the best comparison is Pandang Reservoir, which dam cordoned an area which was originally the river mouth, to become reservoir. This is the area highlighted in darker blue below. It is ADDITIONAL AREA to contain water and it can hold certain amount in the in even of heavy rainfall.

This ADDITIONAL HOLDING AREA is what is TOTALLY LACKED with the Marina Barrage Project.

I will further illustrate the same point again with Kranji Reservoir as example:

Comparing against the neighboring water body the flooded up area which form the reservoir is very obvious. There is is EXPANDED AREA (and depth) to hold additional water, the surrounding area is NOT URBAN CITY. It this one flooded in very heavy rain, than at most only the SAF Kranji Camp will be affected. :-) My last reservist unit before I retired at age of 40 was there. Any ways the point is where is this additional flood area for Marina Barrage?

The answer seems to be Orchard Road unfortunately!

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