Sunday, April 17, 2011

Singaporeans.. Norminate ALL the remaining GRCs! Stand Up for SG!

I am priming an effort to see all remaining uncontested seats to get nomination. This is very strategic and I am asking Singaporean voters to all do your parts. The points as follows:

Voters get to go to poll. No more walking over. There are many late-Singaporeans who died in this country without any chance to touch a ballot a single time in entire lifetime. This is sad. We are not going to let this continue in Singapore further please. No nomination means walkover, and voters rights are all written off. There is also no figure to measure anything all the while, and PAp cliams that they have mandate and high support. When there is a poll then there is result to measure up LEEgime. Voters will be very happy to have chance to vote, even if there were no rallies or other campaigns, so just nominate the otherwise walkover seats.

Engaged LEEgime's Election Machine FULLY. Tie up their resources, tie up their time and bandwidth, let the tense be felt to maximum extend. In PAp, they have to get all the dogs to work OT, they have to spend, they have to walk constituencies, logistics, they have to let HDB and Town Council do extra hardworks. The Election Dept will get stretched to maximum, needs to print ballots and boxes and documents, need many presiding officers, counting officers, prepare poll and counting stations, need many mata, vehicles, schools, equipments, computers, need to spend millions more.

The above also limits the possible polling dates, mostly delayed further.

Strategic Diversion. Instead of let them focus on hot contested areas, pull their hind legs, and applies pains from elsewhere behind. Much harder for them to fight. Let them feel the fire from every angle and all sides. Too many issues and angles, they are one LEEgime, if they take position one way to counter one SMC opponent it will suffer draw back from another GRC when different candidate confront them the other ways. Oppositions don't have to all come from same angle, but LEEgime ought to, if they don't they are considered to be splitting and in self-conflict.

Reduce LEEgime's bandwidth to help each other, in the past their walked over ministers help their hot contested areas like Cheng San GRC and so on. If you set fire on each and every of their own backyard, they won't be so free to assist battles in other wards any longer. ;) So? File Nomination Papers Singaporeans! When they are not helping each other they will also be blaming each other for scoring own goals, you already saw these. It will only be worst! ;)

Strategic advantage, Chinese call this 四两拨千斤。 When there is no 3 corner, 100% deposit will be secured, we need not incur any extra expenses at all, just nominate. And the LEEgime have to spend millions more and do many many times more. There is an enormous strategic advantage here. Nothing to lose, much to gain. When they feel the stress and strain, the fight becomes easy on our side, our originally disadvantaged position will be returned.

Advantage in numbers, there are things that even very well experienced election fighters had neglected. I take for example, the national TV election message broadcasting is given to all parties and even independent candidates on entity basis, even the tiny guys apart from political parties can get air time to speak to voters. In many circumstance entire LEEgime must only be counted as 1 in the contest, tiny contestant also 1, it is high advantage against them.

A flexible spare pool of candidates and contesting area, like a gel, there are many candidates who are unable to form a complete team, there are parties which have excess or shortage of candidates, there are many difficulties in sorting out 3 corner areas, there are candidates crossing over party lines in every GE. When there is an organized measure to nominate remaining uncontested GRCs, it acts very well like a sponge. Excess candidates can shift over here, and shortage can be filled from here, like a pool.

I want to point out one advantage LEEgime has over opposition that is they are single party, thus they can centralize allocation of candidates and constituencies. Opposition's mechanism of negotiating areas, and pooling candidates are very poor and self-defeating, this must be changed. If there is no better mechanism worked out, strong disadvantage will persist here in every GE. In the very 1st place, I think opposition must 1st craft out these GRCs like Tg Pargar AMK Marine Parade to be utilized like a pool and managed by group or persons who are non member of any party. They need to do this step before listing up seats that are interested by each party, that means, there are 3 categories of seats, No-Party interested, Single Party interested, and multi-corner seats.

It is too obvious now, that we have more than 87 interested candidates, while having still so many multi-corner areas and several GRC may walkover. It is simply a scenario of poor organization and cooperation. A laughingstock for oppositions in other countries. :(

I must point out again that in other countries, they solved this kind of problems a long time ago, with well established mechanism such as Primary Elections. Primary Elections are held within each party before they decide the parties candidates. We should also take reference with other countries where they have some less formal mechanisms to resolve contention between parties.

Socialist Front's Press Statement is the best illustration of the scenario, Mr. Chia told us that they have the GRC team manpower but lack the resources to run a credible campaign. Therefore they are not entering the contest. This is however the BEST EVER EXCEPTION in Singaporean history that they are so noble in refraining from 3 corner fights for the better of Singapore overall instead of just considering for their own party. They are going that far by a party resolution against own Chairman.

While I totally respect SF principal and desire of a good campaign, I like to see their candidates nominated for the contest to fill the uncontested seats, and I am willing to help any such parties go through hurdles. I suggest that opposition will allow members to nominate as independents to just fill the uncontested seats, and do so even without putting up a costly campaign. This way, the only necessity is nominators and deposit funds.

I like to point out that deposit funds are indeed very safe this GE, especially when there is no multi-corner fight, and candidate are not doing anything strongly negative to piss off voters. I urge those Singaporeans who want to vote and can afford to loan money as candidate deposits to come out. All you need to do is to pay it at Ministry Of Finance at Treasury Building,100 High St, Singapore 179434 , I think 9th floor, you need not even go personally, let them know that you are depositing for GE, and specify the candidate, fill the form and they will give you receipt for your money. You get back your full refund like a week after poll, as long as candidate gets at least 12.5%.

Eliminating Muli-Corners. This is an important factor in eliminating multi-corner, because the candidates who don't have a complete team to contest in any GRC, can pool up to nominate at uncontested GRC instead of going into multi-corner fighting.

Think for your voters! Why let LEEgime walkover in these GRCs and voters got no chance to go to poll on polling day, and on the other hand, in these SMCs these voters got 2 opposition candidates and have to ponder which one to vote for. Is this how Singaporean opposition parties treat the voters? Come on! It only means disappointment to our voters. Don't do this!

To be frank as a voter myself, I would be very disappointed either to have no chance to vote or have a 3 corner ballot to make me choose one opposition. I am even fed-up to see this going on although it does not look like it's happening to the ward I live in. Put yourself into the shoes of voters, are you happy to see this?

I am coordinating among candidates and opposition fighters for this goal, details will not be leaked out until time is ripe. Interested candidates and Singaporeans who wish to help please contact me in email. therad


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