Thursday, June 30, 2011

HD Video Comedy 『贱』党『伪』业- 2 - Mas Selamat dissrupted Presidential Election 2011

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This is the start of a new video series. ;) This episode is on Presidential Election 2011.

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English Screen Captions:

In the last days of Lee Kuan Yew 's
familLEE LEEgime year 2011

after decades of Selfish Greedy &
Arrogant Exploitations

lives of Singaporeans sank into hardships
under-employment, disgruntles, rebellions

objecting against influx of Foreigners &
high cost of living & World's Highest
Ministerial Salaries.

famiLEE's PAP Junta LEEgime consist of
SAF Generals 【北洋军阀】& elite scholars
plus No Brain Women e.g. Tin Pui Ling

famiLEE relitives, cronies Plundering in this
Oligachy of Kleptocracy.
Proudly Gloriying their own Crimes.

as Singaporean People are about to
decide by votes against LEEgime,

Ass Loong Son abused S$3.2 billion
of State Funds to BUY VOTES!

as the popular representative of businessmen, military elites &
people, may I hereby nominate Mr. TONY TAN for presidency

and our party to endorse his candidacy for Presidential Election 2011

thank you young master Loong, it is my pleasure to serve famiLEE



from Kin Lian to Cheng Bok, any TAN is better than TONY !

Tan Ah Cow or anyone else will have better mandates from peasants,
but not you! PAP's Mr. TONY TAN !

KNN ! you bloody JI swine ! fled from ISD again ? I must replace
Gurkhas with North Korean FTs.. fits my shrunken budget..

your fucking terroism threats will never deter my resolve

You bastards are the only terrorists intimidating all peasants !

We will pay Najib again to arrest you! We have all the ISDs!

You will still dream about Najib ? Do you know what I blew up
Mongolian whore with ? Huh ??

Not a single man will remain standing in this room once I pulled

On the rooftop of MBS
casino within Flood Water
emerged another
presidential candidate

and the very last KTM train left TANjong Pagar for the history

some time after the NDP2011..

Singaporeans finally
elected their very first
non-LEEgime President !
Majulah Singapura !

Thank You!

Netizens from the Sammyboy.Com Kopi Tiam celebrates !


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