Sunday, June 05, 2011

From the Big Mouth to the Barraged Mouths to the Floods & Death

I am now posting because I want Singaporeans to see the Bigger Picture out of the FLOODING & DROWNING DEATH issues. It is actually an overall issue of Singaporean Water Resources - Previously Yaacob's Ministry and now in the hands of Vivian Balakrisnan. But these 2 minister are not real sources of problems. It was Old Dog Thief's notorious BIG MOUTH during the era of Tun Dr M as Malaysian PM.

It was during one of Old Dog Lee Kuan Yew's typical bragging sessions in which he started Singapore's Water Resources Crisis. He did it by bragging how creative and resourceful he is for Singapore a tiny island that don't even have sufficient water resources, he boasted that he had been MAKING MONEY OUT OF SELLING WATER back to Malaysia with huge lucrative profits while buying cheaply from Malaysia @ only 3 Malaysian cents per 1000 gallons. That was Precisely and Directly where the whole series of interrelated and interconnected issues had arisen till today's non-stop flooding and drowning death.

During the decade that past since Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew's Egoistic bragging until present, the Originally Non-existence crisis began from his Notorious Big Mouth, to provoking the anguish and protesting of Malaysian citizens against Tun Dr. M who was then LKy's favourite Golf Partner, to sour bilateral relationship between two brotherly countries, to the Malaysian demands to hike water supplies prices, to the Childish Idea of NeWATER aka Sai-Chwee aka Air Jamban, to the sealing of MOUTHS OF SINGAPORE & KALLANG RIVERS by the notorious Marina Barrage, making the Marina Reservoir which contour is the same as female reproduction organs, and the COMPARATIVE RISING OF SEA LEVEL leading to floods affecting Singaporeans island-wide. Then causing the death of the drowned boy who was washed away boy flood water into the canal.

That was the outline of the whole path of Singaporean Water Resources Crisis that transpired for a decade or more.

What I had called COMPARATIVE RISING OF SEA LEVEL is the effect Equivalent to an actual rise of sea level around Singapore, in view of tremendous Hydrological Effects to all the drainage canals and natural water bodies on our island. I am referring to storage level in the Marina Reservoir & the Barrage's blockage preventing discharge of rain water into the sea, and raising water level during natural rainfall in our drainage system island-wide which are connected to the Marina Reservoir which had been nicknamed The CB by Netizens due to the physical outline profile of the reservoir resembling women's worm virginal and ovaries in the anatomic view.

The Kallang and Singapore Rivers covers the majority of Singapore's central consisting of business and residential areas, connected by a huge network of canals & drainage system and together they converged into the Marina Reservoir. Being blocked by the Marina Barrage no water from the entire central areas of Singapore can be naturally discharged into the sea and are captured as part of Singapore's water resources. This makes up the inadequacy, as the famiLEE LEEgime false-claimed NeWATER ALONE can make Singapore Self-Sufficient. Currently entire Singapore's catchment, plus Sea Water Desalination, plus NeWATER, plus water supplied by Malaysia is consumed by a population level which famiLEE LEEgime wants blindly to increase up to 6.5 million from 4 million.

Each meter of water level rising in Marina Reservoir will be coupled through all of Singapore & Kallang Rivers and their brunches and their connected canals and culverts and drains, seen as water level rise and reduction in their effective capacities. This effect is Similar with High Tide or Risen Sea Level - except that only the catchment areas and not the coastal areas gets affected.

In summery it began more than a decade ago from a notorious Big Mouth, to produce an otherwise non-existence Water Resources Crisis of Singapore, to the Barraged Mouths of our main rivers, to the Marina CB, to the floods, to the losses and death by drowning. That is the FULL Picture one must see. It should not be seen as isolated or unrelated issues, they are all one of the same.

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