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Congratulation to Yeo Chow Tong

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My sincere heart felt congratulations to Mr. Yeo! And I invite him to join the opposition and Renegade against famiLEE LEEgime!


Dec 29, 2009

Yeo will not contest in GE

Mr Yeo Cheow Tong (pictured), a former Cabinet minister who has been representing the Hong Kah area for 25 years, will not contest the next general election. -- ST PHOTO: DESMOND LIM

MR YEO Cheow Tong, a former Cabinet minister who has been representing the Hong Kah area for 25 years, will not contest the next general election.

Mr Yeo told The Straits Times on Tuesday that he had expressed his intentions to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong before the last general election in 2006.

'I agreed with the Prime Minister then that I would stand for one more term. After that, I want to retire from politics,'' he said.

'Having been MP since 1984, it's time to call it a day and let a younger person take over,' added the 62-year-old, who left the Cabinet in 2006.

The next general election is due by February 2012. Mr Yeo's desire to step out of politics completely was disclosed by PM Lee after the 2006 polls. But Mr Lee asked him to stay on as MP 'because I know how much work he has put in at his constituency'.

Hence, when reporters on Tuesday posed the question, Mr Yeo said he 'felt I should confirm I won't be running rather than give the wrong impression'.

MFA George Yeo must Demand Applogy from Romanian Government for Irresponsible Fatal Car Crash

Nothing is clearer than it is the duty and responsibility of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister George Yeo to uphold the Rights and Justice for Singaporean citizens and users of public roads, to demand an apology and urge the Romanian Government to take responsibility to losses and damages caused by their Diplomatic Minister Silviu Ionescu who had shamefully fled after a car accident on our roads which resulted in fatality and injuries to our people.

Although the deceased is Malaysian but Singaporeans were injured.

Under the diplomatic immunity treaty the diplomat can not be prosecuted nor sued for damages, however Ministry of Home Affairs and Minister George Yeo can make such demands via diplomatic channels. Since there is no prosecution in the view diplomatic solution is the only one left available.

The ball is in George Yeo's court, it is your ministry, during your watch, please discharge your ministerial duty and service our country and the people.

It is not Wong Kan Seng's duty this time, because it involves diplomatic Minister & diplomatic vehicle. MHA can only investigate, after which MFA must take over from there.

Can Ministry of Foreign Affairs keep quiet about this matter?

Singaporean voters and citizens must demand the government of the day to address this matter and safeguard our interest appropriately.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Too Early for Wong Kan Seng to be happy about so called Public Order Act

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APEC 2009 remembered for real achievements, not public protests

SINGAPORE: The day that United States President Barack Obama arrived in Singapore, a convoy of four BMW cars with Asia—Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) number plates attempted to enter the Shangri—La Hotel without security checks.

Despite the insistence of the motorcade’s security command officer that a minister was in one of the cars, the police officers — who included National Servicemen — stood firm and performed the vehicle checks.

In the end, it was a test by the Home Team on its men on the ground.

The anecdote, related on Monday by Deputy Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng, exemplified how Home Team officers made last month’s meetings "remembered for the real achievements made and not for the public protests, violent demonstrations or unpopular security measures that some past APEC meetings were remembered for".

Officers had executed plans robustly, even as security arrangements were kept flexible, Mr Wong said.

For example, a wedding at the Padang — held within the secured area — went on as planned, with officers on hand to ensure security inconveniences for families and guests were minimised.

The minister was speaking to 500 Home Team officers during an APEC appreciation lunch.

LKy old dog thief said it was COMPLACENCY that Wong's ISD had let Mas Selamat fled. I think this is again yet another Example of famiLEE LEEgime's Complacency. :-)

I am warning the famiLEE LEEgime that their so called Public Order Act is no stopper not at all to prevent protests. Not at all.

I had protested twice during APEC:

  1. Banner Demonstration During APEC 2009
  2. Protest @ Speakers Corner during APEC
Way before APEC I already shared my own idea with many other activists regarding creative ways of defeating famiLEE LEEgime's bunch of silly laws against protests.

What I can share with the public now is this:

You can FILM & FILM MATA & HOLD RALLIES & MARCHES & PROCESSIONS, without violating any law. And without need of applying for or holding a mata permit nor PEMA license.

After being charged dozen times and fighting so many of these Assembly & Procession & Speech / Rallies charges for years now, I may claim to be expert in fighting these kind of cases, with 4 cases of acquittals on record today. :-)

My latest concept is to take care of business this way:

  1. Write out a Play Script for a movie or film production, Location & Story written out
  2. Enlist your Actors as many as you need, as many as you can get, give them copies of Scripts
  3. Hire your Film Crew & Equipments
  4. Got to your location & Play out your Protest / Procession / Rally SCENES, with rehearsals & real shootings and re-shooting whatever is needed by film DIRECTOR - you be your own director!
  5. Edit / Post Production on your film
  6. Post on YouTube, send to MDA for ratings, sell tickets or show for FOC!
  7. Announce your Filming Schedule to Public & Press, ask members of public to come and act as Extra Actors (Care-Lay-Fair?)

The Political Effects of the film & the filming itself are identical with the REAL THING, but under the law these are all ENACTMENT, can not be convicted under law. You ENACT a crime as a form of ART, like a movie play or stage play, be it assult / rape / protest / rally etc, there is no law to convict Jacky Chan; Arnold; or any actors / actress for them to enact for production of film or art.


So? Who want to be lead actor for "Protest In Front of Istana Film" ? Who want to be director?

Stupid famiLEE LEEgime is full of hopeless COMPLACENCIES.

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