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NO BODY can vote on behalf of DEAD MP

In my previous blog post, I had not put it in the plain and simple text to point out that regardless of what Cover Of Duty by other MPs in a GRC etc, STILL NO VOTE CAN BE CAST FOR THE VACANT PARLIAMENTARY SEAT ON BEHALF OF ANY DEAD MP.

This is the most important duty of an MP - to vote in parliament in representation of the rights of his constituency's electorates. Nothing else is more basic and fundamentally important than this as a duty of a Member of Parliament to do for his / her constituency's electorates.

In famiLEE LEEgime and in most parliaments I am aware of, there is no such thing as proxy voting or voting on behalf of a dead MP. A dead MP can not vote, the electorates of his / her constituency LOST THEIR RIGHTS of voting and representation in the parliament once the seat for their constituency become vacant. I don't even think that there is any proxy voting in parliament for case of absentee e.g. hospitalized or traveling MPs.

In the case of a vacant seat, the only available means for the constituency's electorates to replace or fill their vacated MP's seat is to elect another MP via a By-Election. Otherwise, there is absolutely no one in the parliament to cast vote for these electorates, exercising the legislative power and basic democratic rights of these citizens who suffers from a vacated seat of their constituency in parliament.

The famiLEE LEEgime's hoodwink regarding covering of duty of a dead PM by other MPs from the same GRC is only referring to minor things such as Meet The People Sessions, writing a letter to e.g. HDB on behalf of dead MP, or at the most raise an issue in the parliament. However, what the famiLEE LEEgime did not tell the people is this so called covering of duty DOES NOT INCLUDE VOTING IN THE PARLIAMENT on behalf of any vacant seat.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Most Significant Filth with famiLEE LEEgime's GRC System

GRC system is one of the many foul shams conducted by Old Dog Thief LKy's famiLEE LEEgime which is notorious of such things.

It is well known for being foul to get famiLEE LEEgime's candidates unfairly elected by lumping vote counts of up to 6 constituencies together into a group instead of each constituency by it's own to determine the election results. That is foul for over a decade to help famiLEE LEEgime preventing lost of parliamentary seats after Mr. JBJ broke LEEgime's parliamentary monopoly in Anson constituency in 1981, followed by Mr. Chiam See Tong, Mr. Cheo Chye Chen & Mr. Ling How Dong.

However I am now pointing out to what is the most significant filth about this foul GRC system.


That is stated in Republic of Singapore Statute's Chapter 218, Parliamentary Election Act, Section 24 (2A):

Writ of election
24. —(1) For the purposes of every general election of Members of Parliament, and for the purposes of the election of Members to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the President shall issue writs under the public seal, addressed to the Returning Officer.

(2) Every such writ shall be in Form 1 in the First Schedule and shall specify the date or dates (referred to in this Act as the day of nomination) not being less than 5 days nor more than one month after the date of the writ and the place or places of nomination (referred to in this Act as the place of nomination).

(2A) In respect of any group representation constituency, no writ shall be issued under subsection (1) for an election to fill any vacancy unless all the Members for that constituency have vacated their seats in Parliament.
(3) Upon receipt of the writ, the Returning Officer shall proceed to hold the election in the manner hereinafter provided.

There will be no by election unless ALL the MPs in a GRC (up to 6) are vacated, either by resignation; death or disqualification. That means even when only 1 out of 6 MPs of a GRC is remaining in the seat the the president will not sign a writ of election in order to hold any by-election. This clause is quite well hidden in the portion mentioning writ in stead of GRC!

Why is this Most Significantly Filthy & Foul?


Take for example the Jurong GRC which is supposed to have 5 MPs, there are only 4 left after Ong's death:

  • The voters of Jurong GRC is supposed to have 5 votes in the parliament each by an MP to represent the rights of Jurong GRC's voters, after Ong's death there is only 4 votes left for voters of Jurong GRC, that is a serous compromise & prejudice to voters' rights in the parliament.
  • Voters from Ong's Bukit Batok Constituency have actually ZERO vote in the parliament after Ong's death, because NO OTHER MP COULD VOTE ON BEHALF OF A DEAD MP.
  • This seriously flawed and seriously unfair system is foul irrespective of the sad fact that 82 (now 81) seats are with famiLEE LEEgime's PAp in the parliament. This foul flaw is legislated in the law which will apply to any other situation regardless the proportion by which different political parties hold seats in parliament.
It is very simple mathematics that 4 votes does not equal to 5 (for Jurong GRC's voters' rights), and 0 vote does not equal to one (for Bukit Batok's voters' rights). This becomes particularly clear when for example, people of Bukit Batok are in conflict of political interest against people of other constituencies, there is no vote to cast for their right at all in the parliament after Ong's death.

From this angle it is very obvious and easy for any person to understand why famiLEE LEEgime's GRC system is foul and most significantly filthy in the aspect of depriving citizen's rights of representation in parliament when they lost their GRC's MP via death or resignation or disqualification. These voters will suffer unfortunately and most unfairly until the next General Election under the famiLEE LEEgime's foul GRC system.

I like to point out that famiLEE LEEgime itself is very likely blinded by their own majority control and dictatorial manipulation of parliament, from this significantly foul flaw in that, they will fail to see any difference caused by this flaw since the sham parliament had never really represented the rights of voters, but had hijacked voters' rights altogether under the hands of famiLEE always. All the voters from the 82 constituencies always had their rights hijacked and exploited regardless weather their MPs are dead or alive!


I therefore ask all Singaporean voters to back the calls from Reform Party for by-Election.

Reform Party's call blog post 1
Reform Party's call blog post 2

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A very noble ministerial resignation - Zaid Ibrahim

Mr. Zaid Ibrahim have earned my respect with his very noble resignation from BN cabinet.

It is only the misfortune of us Singaporeans to not have any minister of such quality and principle. It is indeed impossible to have it within famiLEE LEEgime because that is a total misfit with both the cultures of famiLEE and the LEEgime under this selfish greedy coward famiLEE.

Chinese idiom said 上梁不正下梁歪 meaning the subordinate officials usually follows corrupted examples of of their own superiors, thus it is logically hopeless to expect righteous officials within the lower ranks when the higher ranks are corrupted above them.

The example of righteous Malaysian minister Mr. Zaid Ibrahim is the best evidence, in that this righteous minister can only withstand for few months within the corrupted government which exploited ISA against opposition. He can not withstand to stay within the abusive government any longer after ISA is abused to arrest opposition MP & reporter & blogger, so he made his resignation.

Why does Ass Loong Son's cousin-in-law Wong Kan Seng still stay within his famiLEE cabinet 7 months after limping JI fled from ISD? Because WKS is a perfect fit within the corrupted famiLEE LEEgime! He is perfectly comfortable within the corrupted and incompetent cabinet, just as well as such a cabinet is perfectly comfortable and compatible with him. He is part of the royal famiLEE via his wife who is directly a part of famiLEE, being a cousin of Ass Loong Son.

Another Chinese idiom said 臭味相投 that means the fouls and the stings usually group together and team together. Imply that the upright and uncorrupted will not mix with such a group / cabinet. Therefore, there is no such righteous minister within famiLEE LEEgime's million dollar cabinet like Mr. Zaid, if there were any would had made their resignations long time ago. :-)

In the contrary for Mr. Zaid's resignation, I will apply another Chinese idiom 良禽择木而棲 which means the better birds will know how to make better choice to nest on a superior tree.

Quote MalaysiaKini's interview with Mr Zaid:

Q&A: I have failed to convince them
Beh Lih Yi | Sep 16, 08 7:37pm

Outgoing de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim bares his thoughts to journalists during a 40-minute press conference at his office in Putarajaya today.


Among others, he laments about the declining condition of race-relations in Malaysia and calls on politicians not to be narrow-minded or cultivate hatred among the different races.

He also urges Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to trust all races.

Below are excerpts from Zaid’s question-and-answer session with the journalists:

When you said you have failed, what exactly have you failed in?

zaid ibrahim resignation from ministerial post 160908 07I have failed to convince those in authority to effect changes about how this government should move forward. I failed to convince them.

I believe in the basic principle that this country respects all rights and citizens. This country is for all, there is no room for discrimination, this country is about rule of law and transparency, these are the things that we need to change.

If you don’t subscribe to these principles or just pay lip service to them, it will be difficult to translate (these) into policies. This is my feeling.

You are adamant about resigning despite the prime minister rejecting it?

I am not adamant, I am just saying that I have made up my mind. I thank the prime minister for asking me to take leave but I have my point, I think it’s best I leave (resign).

Why are you giving up on your efforts to push for reforms?

This is not giving up, this is paving the way for transformation. In a way I hope (my decision) can wake up people and result in some changes, that’s my hope, to trigger some positive changes.

You’ve been brought in to the cabinet to introduce judiciary reforms, what is going to happen to that?

All these (questions) you have to ask after December (Umno party polls,). I don’t know, you have to ask the prime minister, maybe he will re-organise the cabinet and supreme council (line-up who) will be more supportive (of reforms). It depends on so many things, I can’t answer that.

Will judiciary reforms come to a stop with your resignation?

I don’t know, you will have to ask the new prime minister (smiles), or rather the prime minister.

Are you disappointed with Prime Minister Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi)?

zaid ibrahim resignation from ministerial post 160908 06He is a nice man. He has other things to deal with that I may not know (of). Remember he is the party president, I am just an ordinary guy, I don’t have to worry about other things, he may have other things to worry about, you have to ask him.

Did the prime minister support your reforms?

Within the constraints he got, yes, he was supportive but he got constraints.

Do you think the internal party conflicts are hindering his ability to be an effective prime minister?

I believe so. That’s why I feel that things will be better - for the government or the Barisan Nasional - after December.

Do you think if Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim forms government, you will have the support to initiate reforms?

I just hope that anyone who forms the government - be it Abdullah, Najib Abdul Razak, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Muhyiddin Yassin or Anwar - I don’t care who - but I just want all those (things on) my wish list to be transformed. That is of course my hope, but as I said we have to see what happens first.

What's next for you - still with Umno or join PKR?

It’s a very difficult question. The reforms I talk about, I got much criticism from Umno. Sometimes I think I should have changed (to be) like them instead of me trying to change them.

I do have some problems (in Umno) but at the same time I don’t know PKR well, I don’t know the leaders, so it’s too early to say but I have an open mind and I’m not in a hurry to make any decision.

Have you been courted by the opposition?

Courted? The last time I was courted was 30 years ago (laughs). No, but I have friends all over the place who call up but these are things happening to everybody.

But there is a rumour that you are joining PKR?

No, I have not made any decision of joining anybody. I am just saying that I have to do this. I hope it will trigger some good things, it will trigger some changes on the people in power, self-reflection and I hope the prime minister will overcome his challenges without the burden I carry (on him).

Are you going back to practice?

I don’t think so. I want to start a foundation to help build closer relations among the people in this country. I think race discrimination, prejudice and race relations are very bad. When I was young, I remember I thought we had much closer interracial (ties). Today we are a divided country.

Are you staying on as a senator?

Yes, because it will be nice to talk sometimes in the Senate to give my views on public issues. I love and care for this country very much like you all, I will do what I can. I believe this country is founded on very simple principles but very strong principles - fairness to all, justice, freedom, all those good things, I will work towards that.

What is the cause of the racial divide?

We have to do something to bring back trust and take action against some people who are bent on creating this division because of their own political agendas. We must overcome this.

You have been hailed as a hero and a man of principle?

I am not a hero, this is exaggeration. If I am a hero, I would have been successful in transforming this country. I just happen to say what I feel and do what I think is right.

What is the most important thing that the prime minister should do to bring some sort of changes?

abdullah ahmad badawi pak lah pc 050908 04The one single thing I think, is (for him) to trust the people in this country - all races. If you can’t bring yourself to that level of trust and acceptance, you will always worry if a particular policy will benefit this group or not. You worry whether you will upset certain benefits and privileges you have.

So long as you think sectarian or (along ) racial (lines), if you have too much thinking of that, it’s hard for you to have a policy that reaches out to everyone and applies to all. That psychological barrier has to be overcome.

We have to trust that we are one people and want to build one country and we want to have laws that apply to all.

In that sense, is it time for race-based parties to go?

I said before you can have race-based parties, you can fight for your community but you still can think of the country and common principles which bind us. You don’t have to be narrow-minded or cultivate the feeling of hatred, you have to do the opposite. These changes and reforms are for the country.

What do you have to say about your cabinet colleagues who have criticised you?

To my cabinet colleagues, I think some of them are very fine gentlemen. We have differences of views but there is no hard feelings, I hope to maintain that.

Before the Internal Security Act arrests, has it ever crossed your mind to resign?

Yes, it has crossed my mind a couple of times, even in the early days (of my tenure).

When is your last day?

Looks like today (laughs).

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Monday, September 15, 2008

BN Corrupts May Get Away Via Handover Negotiation

How does corrupted politicians get away from punishment in a defection take over like what is taking place in Malaysia? They will negotiate for their own freedom from prosecution after their handover, that could include allowing them to leave the country as seen in many examples.

Mr. Anwar is now asking for a meeting with Abdullah Badawi. Essentially that is to be a handover negotiation.

When a falling regime reached such a state, they will either get desperate to struggle by abuse of force or they negotiate for their own freedom from prosecution, or freedom to flee / exile.

Related News:

Malaysian opposition has numbers to topple govt: Anwar

AFP - Tuesday, September 16

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - - Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said Monday he has enough support to topple the government and wants to meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to discuss a handover.

After landmark March elections that saw the opposition dramatically increase its seats in parliament, Anwar set a September 16 deadline to oust the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition by persuading at least 30 lawmakers to defect.

"We have the numbers to defeat BN," the opposition leader told a rally of some 10,000 supporters who erupted in wild cheers. "Tomorrow is D-Day, we are ready to form the government."

"Our representatives have delivered a letter to Abdullah to demand a meeting ... to discuss the future of politics in Malaysia and the handover of power," he said.

"We have the numbers but we want to meet with Abdullah, show him the evidence and work out a handover because we want a peaceful transition".

Anwar, a former deputy premier who was sacked and jailed a decade ago, arrived to rapturous applause at the rally held in a Kuala Lumpur stadium, which echoed to chants of "Reformasi" -- the opposition battle cry of "Reform".

Tian Chua, information chief of his Keadilan party, said the three-member opposition alliance had secured a simple majority in parliament and that more government lawmakers would defect later.

But he said there were concerns that the coalition -- which has ruled since independence from Britain 51 years ago -- would stoke conflict in order to justify a crackdown to keep itself in power.

"We want Abdullah to assure us there will be no repressive force used, like involving the police or inviting the military to take control," he told AFP.

Tian Chua said the opposition's push had been helped by the detention on Saturday of an opposition politician, a prominent blogger and a journalist under draconian internal security laws.

"Abdullah's final crackdown made people lose hope that he is ever going to be a liberal reformer, which he promised," he said.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar defended the detentions but said it was a police operation and not his idea -- comments ridiculed by the opposition, which said he and Abdullah must be held accountable.

The Pakatan Rakyat opposition alliance made surprise gains in March general elections, seizing control of five states and a third of parliamentary seats in the biggest challenge ever faced by the coalition.

The political uncertainty has paralysed investment in recent months, and depressed trading on the stock market which dropped 2.5 percent over last week, and another 2.1 percent Monday as Anwar's takeover deadline loomed.

Spirits were high at the stadium, which was adorned with Malaysian flags and posters demanding the release of the opposition politician and the blogger -- who remain in custody while the journalist was freed.

"What Anwar has said will happen soon as all the people are backing him. The change of government will happen very soon now," said Nursikin Bahrom, a 23-year-old student.

"Anwar has promised us a new beginning and we will support him when the battle begins on the 16th... he is our new prime minister and the BN should realise this," said businessman Abdul Aziz Rashid, 36.

At the rally, Anwar set out an agenda to fight corruption and protect the rights of all citizens in this multicultural country which is dominated by Muslim Malays but also home to ethnic Chinese and Indian communities.

"The Pakatan Rakyat government will uphold justice, a free judiciary, a free media and a professional police force," he said.

What is Abdullah Badawi's respond? He gave a respond of denial: This denial however does not exclude the chance that the BN Regime will later negotiate for their own SAFE exit from power.

PM: Sept 16 a 'political lie'
Sep 16, 08 11:26am

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi scoffed at the opposition caolition’s claims that it has the numbers to topple the Barisan Nasional government.

He described Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s assertion at a massive rally last night that he had enough government defectors to take power as a “political lie”.

anti isa sept 16 gathering kelana jaya stadium 160908 15Anwar told the 20,000-strong crowd at the Kelana Jaya stadium that he had sent a letter to the prime minister requesting for a meeting to discuss a smooth power transistion.

When asked whether he would meet the opposition leader, Abdullah was non-committal. “We shall see if there’s time,” he said.

The prime minister dismissed Anwar’s claims as preposterous, arguing that “if Anwar has the numbers, he would have let the whole world know”.

No details on who and how many

Anwar told a rapturous crowd close to midnight yesterday that the Pakatan Rakyat has “the numbers but we want to meet with Abdullah, show him the evidence and work out a handover because we want a peaceful transition".

anti isa sept 16 gathering kelana jaya stadium 160908 14The opposition leader however did not provide more information on how many MPs Pakatan has in the bag and the number of government defectors.

Anwar will need at least 31 defectors from BN and perhaps over 40 for a stable Pakatan government.

"I believe that the government will fall in the next few weeks," he told journalists after the rally.

But Abdullah stressed that his government continues to be stable and strong.

“I have known Anwar for a long time and he will say certain things to attract people to his ceramah, and they choose to believe him,” he told journalists this morning after a function.

“The BN government is still in power, and we will continue to do our job and not be distracted by such claims.”

[More to follow]

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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reformasi better not be a still birth

Again I urge Singaporeans to pay attention to watch on going Malaysian political development.

My own observation is that BN Regime is surely but NOT slowly falling apart.

Most of today's MalaysiaKini.Com's headlines suggested so:

BN to let Umno decide on Ahmad
Umno chieftain meets PM in Putrajaya
Racial issues: Army chief tells gov't to act
'Sack Ahmad and detain him under ISA'
MCA too wants stern action
The real danger of Ahmad Ismail
Gerakan reps quit BN Youth in protest
NGOs: Don't use Sedition Act on Umno leader
Sin Chew Daily: We did no wrong
PKR fears Anwar's bail revoked tomorrow

It would be anarchy and chaos in the view of chemistry of conflicts and splitting within UMNO & BN as the impacts of March 2008 GE & Anwar's By-Election sets in - IF THERE WAS A STILL BIRTH OF PARKATAN REGIME TO REPLACE THE FALLING BN.

That could happen, if BN e.g. abused the sodomy charge to disqualify Mr. Anwar again.

BN Regime since Tunku Abdul Rahman and changed and faded much and time had changed much. It's traditions such as Racially Based component parties is unable to match today's reality any longer. I think it reached a phase to retire as oppositions and take time to renew itself like what the Taiwanese KMT had been through during Ah Bian's DPP regime.

At this time it will be a real crisis if the replacement regime suffered a still birth.

I pray for this not to happen.

Malaysia is a brotherly nation of Singapore, and I urge Singaporeans to wish Malaysia & Reformasi well.

The Reformasi had and is continuing to inspire us in Singapore. I wish the Malaysians success.

Further up north, Thai struggles also inspire me. Thais show their courage; resolve and strength. They had been in struggles for time longer than Malaysians, from peaceful civil campaigns to military coups and mixtures in between both. Eye opening for Singaporeans indeed.

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