Saturday, July 13, 2013

Opposition Can Call For Ministerial Resignation - THIS is worse than MSK

I think my msg only need to be so brief.

The Kovan Murders Incident is much worse a public rage and disappointment in comparison against the Mas Selamat Fled ISD incident in many ways.

I don't even need to be the person to summarize that. My message is to the opposition parties - you ought to make out the Resignation Call similar to that for Wong Kan Seng during MSK incident.

And to Teo Chee Hean you can begin drafting you letter.

I need to say some fair words for the matas. And a special thanks to Malaysian matas who again alike in MSK incident rendered help to Singapore's lapse in Security. I think for example CNB, is not doing badly after their ex-chief got caught into the sex scandal and replaced. They caught many major drug dealers and in today's news 3.7 kg of heroin.

Keep up with your works and especially catching your own dirty colleagues.  Don't give up and don't them any further chances.

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