Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time for Singaporeans to be Freed from burdens of famiLEE's Incompetence

Half a century of Old Dog Thief LKy's incompetence in the same areas, including especially relations with Malaysia and Racial Equality. Singaporeans are until now still being burdened by incompetence of this Old Dog Thief. Why must we share his personal Tabos? Why must we be restricted by his own political short-comings and vulnerabilities? Why nationalize his foolish ideas as legends?

Lee Kuan Yew had been a National Burden for years.

His fears are not our fear. His blindness is not ours. We don't have to share his defeats with him.

Enough is Enough.

Singaporeans should completely neglect this Old Dog Thief and MOVE FORWARD to our own future. We should show him that and convince him that we are not listening to his rants any more. He don't know that his times are over, we have to Educate him about it.

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew is completely out of touch with our peasants' reality, stupid LEEgime lapdogs still waste national resources to entertain that senile old dog. This is sad. He should be completely IGNORED!


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